Why is "Frasier" on Lifetime?

Found this out flipping through the channels. Is Lifetime: Television For Women just running out of female-centric sitcoms? Designing Women, Golden Girls, The Nanny, even Will and Grace – okay. But Frasier? There are only two significant female characters, compared to three or four male ones.

Oh well, I’ll watch and just ignore the commercials for the weepy made-for-TV movies.

Yes, Frasier, that bastion of masculinity. I remember when it was still on- the rowdy nights at the sports bars, where men of all ages would get together to watch with their buddies. The crowds of men gathering at the water cooler at work the next day, all dying to discuss the latest daring exploits of Niles. I can still smell the testosterone.

Yeah yeah, the prissy part I get. And I’m not saying it would quite work on Spike or that other new “men’s” channel either. But…Lifetime??

I still the remember the day I was flipping through the channels and settled in on TV version of Goodfellas and then to my horror realized it was being aired on Lifetime.

That made me laugh quite hard.

:eek: That is indeed horrifying. I can imagine them cutting ads for the movie to make it look like a mother’s desperate struggle to get her son out of the mob…

I don’t know why it’s on Lifetime, but I’m glad it is. I turned on the tv tonight and tuned in to the appropriate channel hoping to catch Frasier, but the two episodes shown every night were already over (I hadn’t realized how late it was) and what was on instead was that horrid Roseanne person. :wink: So I started surfing and trying to find something more palatable, and lo and behold, there was Frasier on Lifetime. So now I get to see three episodes a night if I want to. Life is good.

Frasier on Lifetime isn’t nearly as disconcerting as pro wrestling on SciFi …

Homicide: Life on the Streets used to be on Lifetime.

It’s on Lifetime because chicks like that show, or at least the marketing people at Lifetime thinks that it will appeal to their demographic. I don’t care for the show but everyone who I have ever met who admits to loving that show, admittedly a small sample, has been a woman over 30.