Why is it so easy to get banned?

This is my first post and it is in the pit(brave aren’t I). I have lurked for quite some time, hell, it’s been so long I feel dirty. I’ve noticed something and it irks me. Some people get banned over nothing.

Case in point, a character named Govindha. He had over 100 posts so I realize he knew the rules. I read and reread his posts last night and could not see why Lynn would be so petty as to ban him(other than questioning her actions which seems to be a no no). Sure, he responded to a few posts that were serious in a manner that would suggest he wanted a laugh. I found it vaugely laughable. I mean, when you have 50 replies all more or less the same its funny to come across some inane rambing reply that isn’t mean spirited.

I’ve seen people that deserve to get banned and are truly jerks.

There seems to be this notion that “I am a high and mighty mod or administrator and none can question me”. If the offense isn’t that bad, why leave some wannabe witty coment(i’ll sweep up nothing more to see here) and ban them without proper warning?

I’m not trying to get banned on my first post by questioning the law here, I just think a community with a demographic such as this should not be so full of big blubbering babies that cry offense at the slightest hint of said foul. Sheesh.
I do see the point of a community that is respectful and a safe haven for rehashing the days events and sharing without trolls and assholes ruining it like so many spoiled brats, but the ban power is misused sometimes inmy humble opinion.

If you do not like what I say, abuse me, call me names and what not, juts don’t ban my Lynn with an email notification please, i don’t deserve such frivolous action. Thank you.

I’ve been here 4 years and I haven’t been banned. And there are people who have been here much longer than me. :shrug: Getting banned isn’t all that easy, since many of us manage to avoid it for years (and thousands of posts) on end.

Double-posting an OP gets you banned in a heartbeat, that’s for sure. But only when coupled with references to “high and mighty mods.”

From my relatively extensive experience here I have found that a person really has to lay awake through the long winter nights in order to figure out how to get banned quickly. I have yet to see the mods be the least bit capricious about banning people.

PS: Welcome aboard(s), Reacher.

And a brand new poster describing himself as “In Arjuna’s back pocket” is discussing a banned poster called “Govindha.”


Who or what is “Arjuna”?

I don’t think it’s easy to get banned. In fact, this is just about the most forgiving board I’ve seen in terms of getting banned. Almost all the rules are very clear and easy to understand. Normally, people aren’t banned until they demonstrate a willful intention to disobey them. Criticizing mods and admins, per se, is not bannable. But being a jerk to them (or to regular members for that matter) is.

Arjuna is a hero in the Bhagavad Gita and Govind(h)a is one of the aspects of Krishna.

Thanks for the replies. I guess to some it’s easy and to others, well, it just isn’t.

Hey gobear, what are you implying?

It’s very, very easy to get banned here if you get banned once and come back under a different name. Very easy.

For the Straight Dope

From Dictionary.com:

I might add that trolling, that is, purposefully irritating the message board as a whole or parts of it, is another reason to get banned almost immediately.