Why is it so hard to find fusilli?

There is a pasta dish I make every once in a while that calls for fusilli pasta. When I first started making it I never had trouble finding fusilli at the store, but lately it’s been nearly impossible to find any.

Some folks may ask “Why not use rotini?” In my opinion, it’s not the same thing. Fusilli is a thicker pasta where the corkscrew shape is not so tight. Rotini, like what I would use to make pasta salad, is thinner and has a much tighter spiral. This is what I think of as fusilli and this is what I think of as rotini. However it should be noted that the fusilli photo says it is often referred to as rotini in the US and the fusilli page says it has been proposed to be merged with the rotini page.

To make things even more confusing, when fusilli first disappeared from my regular grocery store, I found something called “tortiglione” which looked more like fusilli than rotini, and may be the same thing? Although I have also seen “tortiglione” that is more tube shaped rather than spiral. (Side note, we really need to get some ANSI standards for pasta names.) But my regular store has redone their pasta aisle and no longer carries the tortiglione either.

So I went on a quest this weekend to find fusilli. I looked at two chain grocery stores, a locally-owned grocery store, Target, and one of those “natural foods” stores. Target has “gluten free” fusilli but no regular fusilli. I found something fusilli-looking at another store but it was labeled “rotini” (which I wound up buying). But nobody had anything actually labeled as “fusilli”. :mad:

Maybe it’s too easy (and painful) to fall butt-first onto fusilli? :confused:

Whole foods brand 365 pasta is actually one of the better store brand line of products they sell and it’s very inexpensive. They have fusilli.


Over a dozen brands and they deliver nearly overnight.

Which now owns Whole Foods, so win-win.

Try Google Express. For me their listings include that product from target.com, walmart.com, Whole Foods and a Chicago foodstore call Treasure Island.

Funny, I checked Target but didn’t even think of going to Wal-Mart. Mostly because I avoid Wal-Mart like the plague. I guess I’ll have to give them a shot.

Ordering pasta online just seems so unnecessary, but if that’s what it takes, maybe that’s what I need to do.

Raditore is even harder to find at the store. So perfect at picking up a thinner sauce and holding it in the nooks and crannies. When I do find it I buy a half dozen or so boxes.

Just roll with it. It saves hassling Wal-Mart crowds and you can shop dozens of different brands and sizes without leaving home.

For things like fusilli, I go to a little Italian market. There are pastas there I’ve never even heard of.

True dat. But how many of those are there in WhereeverthehellShoelessis, Kansas?

I have a hard time finding frikkin’ Ditalini at Walmart anymore! Shop online!

There are Italians in Kentucky!

Seriously, I thought every small town had an Italian market.

If I find radiatori in the store, I’ve been known to clear the shelf.

So I’m the only one whose knowledge of fusilli does not extend beyond Fusilli Jerry?

Radiatori. Yeah, I was gonna say, when you’re making a pasta salad radiatori is Da Bomb.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever heard of or seen radiatori before, but they look like they’d work great with mac and cheese, too!

What I need to do is wait until I am back in the St Louis area visiting family, and load up then. Plenty of Italians in St Louis.

Trader Joe’s carries fusilli if you have one near you. 99 cents a bag.

The only TJ’s in Kansas are in Kansas City, so…

Just ordered a couple of bags of radiatori from Amazon. Never had it before, so I’m intrigued. So many possibilities.