Why is Jason Voorhees so tall?

I haven’t watched all the Friday the 13th movies, so I am sure it’s been explained… but why is Jason Voorhees so tall? Didn’t he die when he was 9 yo? Does turning into an undead slasher villain cause you to have a monstrous growth spurt?

Yeah–there’s little continuity in his character or backstory. There’s a Wikipedia discussion here about the retconning of his character and others.

edit:This article explains:

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His name sounds Dutch, and the Dutch are the tallest people. In Europe, anyway.

He’s tall because he has to be visually intimidating.

His height is simply a side effect of the sequelitis syndrome in that with every new sequel, events have to be more over-the-top and characters must be broader, more exaggerated and more cartoonish.

In the original movie, Jason (in his very brief appearance) does look to be about the size of a teenaged boy. By the second movie, he’s the size of an adult man. His size increased proportionately for each increasingly silly installment.

He’s been 'roiding up with Mike Myers (Halloween) down at the gym. Feel the burn!

Indeed. From voorhuis, which means hallway or vestibule or something like that. So he’s, like, Jason Hall. That’s kind of like Kevin Peter Hall, who played the Predator, and was also huge.