Why is life so cruel?

Game stock talk back rock. Inside this podium built to convention we like to choke. I am RZA. Please kill me. I don’t want to live. Oh no. Skin, flesh, fluid, innocence, guitar riffs. Help me. Please. I’m sick of this world. I hate myself and I want to die. Oh, woe is me. Dog’s body comatose. Help. Please. You don’t know what I am, or what I’m going through. Send transmission. Help. Arg. I hate racists. It’s over. You should have stopped it. Say a little prayer for you. HELP! HELP ME NOW!

Whatever it is, I hope it gets better.:dubious:

Something inside of me is screaming ‘high school lit mag’, but I couldn’t begin to tell you why.

Either you really have schizophrenia and you need to check into the hospital right away to get some meds and be observed or you are just trying to shock us by sounding like someone who has a mental illness. I hope you wouldn’t be so misguided and callous to think it is cool to make this stuff up so you really need to got to the hospital.

Inside this podium, built to convention, they like to choke, all utensils fixed on you.
I’ll be the hyena, you’ll see.

TV Casualty, a quick review of your posting history tells me you’ve already got one moderator warning. Several of your posts are clearly intended to shock or annoy. This thread is no better. If you have a mental illness, it’s probably called “puberty”.

Knock it off. Shape up, or we’ll help you to the door.