Why is masterbation a problem if someone wants to it all the time?

I was reading a book which had a section explaining the myths of it and it said ‘it only becomes a problem if some wants to do it all the time’

ok then…but why?

Well if I meet you, I’m not shaking your hand.

Well, if you do it all the time to the exclusion of eating, sleeping, hygene, etc., I could see how it could be a problem.

Well…If you are doing it all the time, well, what if you are in a restaurant, or at work, or on the bus? In the front yard? On a plane to Pittsburgh? At gramma’s house at the dinner table? In church, teaching Sunday school? At a funeral? Meeting your fiancé’s parents? At the hospital after having your gallbladder removed? On a ferris wheel at the county fair? At the local swimming pool?

Seems like “all the time” would mean never leaving your house. Unless you are into that sort of thing…

Any psychological effects?

Psycological effects? Of masturbating in church at sunday school?

Well I think you’d end up in a psych ward, so…yes.


Plus, there’s chaffing.

Why is this in the Pit, Ryan_Liam?

Oh and the buildup of callouses. Those can be a problem…

What are callouses and chaffing?

Oh no. Not another one.

Build up of tough skin and skin rubbed raw, respectively.

Since Ryan_Liam won’t answer my question, I’m going to assume he’s not particularly interested in the existance of this thread.

Great, 'cause neither am I.