Why is methadone turning my stool into hard, round balls?

This is not a joke. I am on a Methadone program for drug addiction. I take 105mg of Methadose daily. I’ve noticed that if I don’t take a powered laxative daily, my stool gets really weird. It is like “rabbit pellets” but on a human scale. My stool turns into round balls about an inch in diameter and then they compact together into one solid “turd”. I have a very hard time getting it out as well.

Why does methadone do this? What is the scientific answer behind it?

Opiates cause constipation.

Would you like a link as to why, is that what your are asking? :confused:

Rather than “a powerful laxative”, perhaps a better idea is to consult your/a MD?

While waiting, get some of that “bulk forming laxative” stuff (which is safe used as directed, as it is really just added fiber and Gawd knows most Americans need xtra fiber anyway). Since it is just fiber, you can take two, three glasses a day (make sure you add enough water!), to suit your gut. Adding Probiotics (live culture yogurt, you can also buy them in pill form) will also help regulate your gut.

Other than “consult your/a MD”, this is not meant to be taken as Medical advice.

Well, why does this happen in my body? That’s what I’d really like to know. My laxative takes care of the problem, I’m just out of it right now.

Opium is a paralytic. A little Google got me this:

from this site here.

Basically, since opiates (including methadone) slow down intestinal peristalsis considerably, the stool has more time to sit in the large intestine, which draws more and more water out of the fecal matter until it becomes hard and dry. And since intestinal peristalsis is significantly reduced, more fecal matter has time to build up. It can be extremely painful to push that kind of thing through the anus.

Milk of magnesia, or some other saline laxitive which draws water into the feces, will help. I’m not sure if bulk-forming laxatives are a good idea, because water is critical to making those work – the excess drying out that opiates cause may actually cause those to make things worse. I don’t know – they might work fine, or they might be trouble. In any case, I’m not a doctor and this shouldn’t be construed as medical advice.

This could all be avoided if they would just add methylnaltrexone to methadone, which keeps the methadone from affecting anything but your brain, but so far nobody seems to be doing that.

Yes, it is extremely painful. I actually yell out in pain when I run out of my laxative. Thank you, guys !

Plumbum??? That’s lead. You don’t want to take that. That looks like a really archaic text or something. The site appears to be a homeopathy site, in which case you shouldn’t believe anything you read there.

Honestly I wasn’t worried about the treatments listed there, I just found the description of the problem enlightening.

The best treatment would most likely involve not taking opiates.

When I was taking opiates (after surgery), the doc recommended over the counter Stool Softener to keep things regular and enjoyable down there.

When upping your fiber intake, increasing water intake is also important (IANADr., but this is basic advice I’ve read anytime I see a discussion about increasing fiber intake),

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