Why is my computer screen turning black and white?

OS is Linus Mint 10.

Shortly after logging onto my laptop, it turns to black and white. Any idea what could be causing it and/or how to fix it?

Thank you very much,
Cadolphin aka Kathy

Sounds like overheating.

To test it leave the laptop for some time on the logon screen but do not log in. See if it happens again. Alternatively you can enter BIOS and let it there for some time.

If it happens even in BIOS then it is definitely overheating.

Upon further checking it only happens on a browser while I’m trying to access a Flash or Java website.

Only the browser goes monochrome. Not the whole OS. Either Firefox or Chromium.

Does that narrow it down any more?

is the browser freezing up? I’ve seen that on Ubuntu a few times, if a program hangs or becomes unresponsive the window will turn gray.

I’m no help, but hi Kathy! I haven’t seen you in forever! :slight_smile:

That sounds exactly like what is happening.

I’ve missed you! :slight_smile:

which browser or both? versions of browser? versions of Flash or Java?