Why is my highlight invisible here?

When I mouse over a word or phrase to highlight and Google it, it’s invisible. Anyone has the same problem?

I have the same problem (Windows-10, Chrome browser), and I’m afraid I haven’t found a solution.

Hmm… same here. Weird. Must be the update that fucked it up. It only happened here though. Other forums it’s fine.

Damn I found it. Scroll to bottom and put the theme back to Straight Dope 3.7.3

Sticky: Can’t highlight text in Chrome? Read this. [also affects Firefox now]


Change your theme.

It was a problem a few months ago. The answer, IIRC, was to use the default theme (it’s on the bottom of the forum topic list).

Nitpick: the answer is not to use the default theme. You need to go down and switch to the original theme, which is decidedly NOT on by default.

This should have been in ATMB to begin with, but since we have the link to the existing thread, I’m just going to close this one.