Why is Peroutka showing me fetuses?

Truly it was difficult to come up with a short enough title here.
Earlier today this “political ad” comes on our tv, by a Paroutka, whoeve rhe is.
I think he’s running for president.
I don’t know that at first; all I see are photos of dead fetuses, and I can’t figure out which candidate this is against.
Both, apparently.
What kind of ditwad shows this on tv, especially since I think it was a cartoon channel my son was watching?

I actually think it helps the pro-choice side to show all those dead fetuses, if they do it enough people will become numb to it. :eek:

I guess nothing is censored anymore, or at least given a warning like they do on the news.
Some of us have children watching, some are eating.
Sick man.
I shall go google him up.

Peroutka is the candidate of the Constitution Party, the fundie Christian version of Al Qaeda. They advocate a “Bible-based” government, like the death penalty for gay people among other good Christian values

So they want gays dead, but fetuses alive.
Bible based?
No more fornication!

I don’t foresee a lot of votes.

hmm again.
He was railing against Bush in the commercial, claiming he wasn’t protecting fetuses enough.
A ploy to get people to not vote for Bush?
not a bad idea…

Turn on C-SPAN. Paroutka is one of four Third Party candidates speaking at Cornell. It’s from a few days ago, but perhaps we can get a look at this nutjob.

At another board I visit, someone sent a link to his acceptance speech or whatever. Complete moron. On the other hand, if enough of the Ultra-Fundies vote for him instead of Bush, that could be a good thing.

Do you have a cite for him wanting gays dead?

gobear’s post.

thanks for the cite,Guin.
I am watching it now and they asked all of them(Green, Libertarian, Socialist and COnstitution) about abortion.
Peroutka said 100% pro life anti abortion, no exceptions.
Which the Green candidate totally disagreed with.


Oh my!
People, read that cite.

“homophobia is genetic”!?
“God gave us the gift of gagging at bad things(he gags if he sees men kissing)”
guess God says dentistry is a SIN!

My. :eek:

Waaaaaaay back in the late 1970s, when Larry Flynt (the publisher of Hustler magazine) was talking about running for President, he claimed that he was going to be running pornographic “Flynt for President” commercials, and the statement by several attorneys who specialized in the applicable laws stated that it would most likely be legal for Flynt to run those ads, since the rules governing political adverts trumped FCC regulations. Now, of course, that may not be true any more (if it ever was, my source for this info was a bit biased), but it does explain how a ditwad could get such things on TV.

I think that we can blame the folks who gave us Sally Struthers standing in front of starving children for the inspiration behind the idiots who think that by showing pictures of dead fetuses on TV and the sides of semi’s will make us convert to their point of view.

I wonder if they’ll also claim that stupid is genetic?

I can’t fathom how people can devote their entire lives to ruining other peoples lives.

More specifically:

If I didn’t already know otherwise I’d swear this was a joke. Sadly, it appears to be completely genuine.

No, because then someone will point to them as proof.



Some of each I’d reckon.
They just think they’re funny.

while the sight of two men in PDA might make me gag, the sight of two women may well provoke quite the opposite response in me. What does that prove?

Re death penalty for gay sex, has Peroutka or the national Constitution Party advocated that?

I’m glad to just be a normal moderate C’tian Conservative Republican/Right-wing-libertarian homophobe! Y’all can take some comfort that some of these CP folks would have me in the gulag next to you!