Why is Robbie WIlliams Pop/Rock not Rap?

I’ve been taking a History of Rock and Roll class, and am, as I type, listening to Robbie Williams. Look at two of his songs, Millennium (sic?) and Rock DJ. They both posess the characteristics of Rap and NOT of Pop/Rock. Call-Response, rhythm and harmonies instead of melody, etc., why is it still considered Pop/Rock and not Rap, then?


Have you listened to any of his other songs? Honestly listen to his songs Let Me Entertain You, One of God’s Better People, She’s the one, Angels, and It’s only us and you’ll see fairly easy why he isn’t considered in the rap genre. He just has the Pop aura about him. I would have never in a million years considered him rap. Although it is interesting because in those songs he is a bit on the rap side. I don’t know whenever I think of rap I think of groups like NWA, Eminem, Run DMC and groups like that. I don’t his music is just to slow and doesn’t have the beat behind it to be rap. That is just my opinion though.

Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow were members of the British guy group Take That, who was also in the pop/rock genre.

She’s The One, Angels, and If It’s Hurting You are all worth a listen.

Oh, yeah, I’m well aware of his other stuff… it just seems to me, well, I dunno. A persons’ content should be judged via the content of the individual song. Hell, I dunno what I’m saying now. You both have a good point. 2 songs in a career does not a rapper make.


Genre. A persons GENRE should be judged…