Why is ScamBlocker denying access to MSN?

It started 2 days ago. When I sign out of my hotmail account I’m no longer taken to msn.com as per usual. Instead Earthlink takes over and brings me to a page that claims “the site you are attempting to load is on our list of known scams”. So, essentially, I can’t sign out of my email account. I can still go about my business surfing the net and I haven’t been bothered about any other pages but I don’t like the idea of my hotmail account remaing open.
I have never requested or downloaded either Scamblocker or the earthlink toolbar. My OS is win2000 which doesn’t support the toolbar. I tried several times to resolve the problem through the earthlink online tech support chat but it seems the boys in Bombay have no idea how to fix a problem if it isn’t in their scripted material.
Any ideas about what I can do to stop earthlink from hijacking my browser?

Bump. Maybe monday is a better time for this post.