Why is the R backwords in the Reader logo?


Извенявай, не говоря руский.

The letter “я” is usually transliterated as “ya”, as a word it means (english) “I”.

If there’s anything that bugs me, it’s when people reverse R’s to try to look “Russian.” я is a vowel! It is not an R! Aagh!

No, I don’t know why the logo is a backwards R. But it took me a few minutes to figure out that you guys meant the Chicago Reader, owner of this board.

Same thing with “И” which is used as a “Russian-looking” N, while it is the vowel “i”.

Please post in English.


twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Aw, shit! Sorry, y’all.

Come on! We all know that is not an accurate translaton of your initial post which said, “Twix is a big poopy head.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! Exactly! Not to mention the horrific practice of using a д to look like an A.

In Soviet Russia… oh, you know.

уэд, эхдстLу. I дм sрэдкiнg рэяfэст яиssiди. шндт?

(mods, that’s supposed to be English :D)

No biggie.

I suspected as much. :frowning:

How did you make those letters?

I think your on a mirror site.

That would explain all the goatees.

Well, I don’t know what OS you use, but with Vista, you can enable different languages in keyboard settings. It shows up as a little box on the lower right hand corner, and when I click on it, all of the languages I’ve enabled pop up so I can switch scripts whenever it comes up. That was Bulgarian phonetic, which I like because whoever made it put the Cyrillic letters on the closest approximation to the Latin letters, so I can type nearly as quickly in Bulgarian as I can in English. I also have Hebrew, Farsi, and Russian enabled, and it’s really slow going to type in those languages.

I doubt I could fit it all the way up there, but, you know, it could work.

(Besides, how did you know I have German ancestry?)

Joking aside, isn’t this somewhat offensive?

You see this kind of stuff all the time when people are trying to come up with a name in an MMORPG (e.g., World of Warcraft) or a message board.

The one that bugs me is when they use ß as a “B.” It’s a German letter, and it’s pronounced as an S (or SZ).

“Izvyenyai ne govorya Russkie,” da?

I’m still learning the alphabet and phonics, but haven’t built up my vocabulary yet. Please, please, keep 'em coming.

ETA: Wait a minute, that’s not what I saw. I saw:

Извенявай, не говоря руский. 

What gives?
(How’d I do, BTW?)