Why is the R backwords in the Reader logo?

Well, I don’t know what OS you use, but with Vista, you can enable different languages in keyboard settings. It shows up as a little box on the lower right hand corner, and when I click on it, all of the languages I’ve enabled pop up so I can switch scripts whenever it comes up. That was Bulgarian phonetic, which I like because whoever made it put the Cyrillic letters on the closest approximation to the Latin letters, so I can type nearly as quickly in Bulgarian as I can in English. I also have Hebrew, Farsi, and Russian enabled, and it’s really slow going to type in those languages.

I doubt I could fit it all the way up there, but, you know, it could work.

(Besides, how did you know I have German ancestry?)

Joking aside, isn’t this somewhat offensive?

You see this kind of stuff all the time when people are trying to come up with a name in an MMORPG (e.g., World of Warcraft) or a message board.

The one that bugs me is when they use ß as a “B.” It’s a German letter, and it’s pronounced as an S (or SZ).

“Izvyenyai ne govorya Russkie,” da?

I’m still learning the alphabet and phonics, but haven’t built up my vocabulary yet. Please, please, keep 'em coming.

ETA: Wait a minute, that’s not what I saw. I saw:

Извенявай, не говоря руский. 

What gives?
(How’d I do, BTW?)

Kyla, it would be interesting if you gave your translation of that sentence. I fear I may have gotten the wrong impression.

It means “Excuse me, I don’t speak Russian.”

I don’t think she will, because she read and acknowledged my post #11.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Oh geez. . .

I admit, I skimmed over that one.