Why is there no results for a 9/11 search, here?

When I Google; 9/11 Truth, I get all kinds of info.
Has no one asked Cecil about 9/11?

Probably because those terms are too short and/or common for this board’s crappy search engine.

Try Google instead; you’ll find a ton.

If you have to ask the question, you might not like the answer you get here.

Including this thread, among umpteen others!

Plus if there really were a conspiracy of all the world’s most powerful and influential people, you don’t think Cecil would be in on it?

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Suddenly, it all makes sense…

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Since this is a question about this message board, let’s move this from GQ to ATMB.

I think a big problem is that the search capability on the SDMB itself is pretty crud. That is why the use of Google with a site: tag is suggested.

But be aware. The general attitude towards conspiracy theories varies from standing back, pointing, and laughing, all the way to relieving ourselves upon them. 9/11 garners it share of whack-job loony theories, and the response you will find is in line with this.

A few of the Truther threads were briefly diverting, in an amusing sort of way, but eventually my eyes inevitably glazed over at the mention of 9/11 Truth.

But, come to think organizing diversions, it might be fun to see Unca Cece go to town on those guys.

I was a member here back then and I don’t think we discussed it much. Cat declawing was all the rage.

Works for me.

'Course, I work for the Government. :smiley:

I think the OP means besides those.

9/11 Truth returns the limit of 500 results. Much fewer if limited to thread titles.


So you admit they are limiting the results returned. Why are they so scared of the truth?

Take it up with vB. It’s their limitation.


Damn, the conspiracy runs deeper than I thought.

But it’s a self-imposed limitation. Almost like they’re wanting to hide something…:eek:

I sense a cover-up. And maybe Uncle Cecil’s involved…

Our new friend seems not interested in “truth” but rather “twoof”. Here are two old threads that should be of interest.

It can’t be that. This board’s software predates 9/11.

Which just proves that Cecil was in on it.