Why is this one handed Glock re-loading technique supposed to be so amazing?

Here’s the video.

Not getting why this is supposed to be so spectacular.

I thought it was impressive. There’s a lot of tension on the recoil spring.

Which means not everyone can do that. The dude is huge and certainly damn strong.

Better to hook the front or rear sight or slide on your belt, door frame, table edge, etc.


He’s showing you a trick if your support hand is put out of commission or is otherwise occupied. For those that haven’t watched the video, he pulls a “momentum trick” similar to pulling a tablecloth off of a set table. It is far, far easier to hook your pistol on a belt, hard edge, or even your clothes to cycle the action than try to learn this thing he’s doing.

You a guy can throw a resume at me all he wants. I know enough that gimmicks like this guy will get you killed.

I guess my short story: “Meh.”

I must be missing something. When would you ever have to rack the slide in that fashion? Last round goes down the barrel, the slide locks back. Set the gun down, or into your holster, grab and insert another mag, release the slide lock.

There are a few pistols that don’t lock back when empty.

It lets a real man continue operating a pistol in one hand while reloading with the other.

If his left arm was injured badly enough that he couldn’t rack the slide, I’d be surprised if he could still do that. Seems more like a parlor trick then anything else. I mean, it’s useful to know it’s possible, but I’m not sure it’s necessary.

As for when you would need to do it…If it jams, you would need to rack it after clearing the jam or just any reason you might put a new magazine in without a bullet in the chamber and the slide not locked back.

He said it was a tactical reload but isn’t a tactical reload where you expend a partially empty magazine to replace it with a full one? In that case there’s still a round in the chamber so there’s still no reason to rack the slide.

As a video professional, I have to say that roided-out bulletheads and their buddies make shitty videos. If he was trying to convince anyone of anything, the gun should have never left the frame.

Yes, and exactly. He’s using the term “tactical” in a marketing sense, as in “Ooooh, look at me I’m so tactical.” I’d buy that guy a clue: they don’t make Kevlar nor SAPI plates big enough to cover those arms or that ego. :rolleyes:

ETA: gaffa, did you like how he daintily loaded the weapon? I loved that part.

I have a ‘tactical’ laptop and a SWAT mouse.

But are we really making fun of a guy who carries .40 sidearm and has nothing to lose? Really…? I mean… what if he goes ballistic?

Once the gun left the frame I stopped believing anything he was saying. Come on, that’s not even good practice for a party magician.

Mr. Sibley appears to be, well, a doofus. He’s sure big, but I’m not sure I totally trust a guy who refers to himself in the third person twice in the same sentence, and who claims to be a “fourth degree black belt Sensei” - can you have a belt in being a Sensei? - from Bonick’s Martial Arts of Wilkes-Barre, PA, a strip mall dojo conveniently just off the Interstate. Which, by the way, does not list Mr. Sibley among its instructors.

Did I mention that I am a video professional who is also the son of a magician? My bullshit meter is very sensitive.

What good is being able to rack the slide one-handed? You have to get the new clip into the pistol first. He didn’t show us how to do that part one-handed.

My BS Meter pinged when I first saw him.

Just so I’m clear what the BS is being called on, you guys are saying it’s possible that he’s not actually doing what he claims re being so strong he can shake the glock into re-loading the bullet?

I didn’t see the gun leave the frame between the time he started and the time he showed the round in the chamber. What I did see, however, was that after he racked it and brought it over to the camera to show us, he put his right hand fingers (the one’s holding the gun) over the opening. If it’s BS, that’s when he slipped the round in it.

^ He did remove the magazine right after that and show that it was empty though. Yeah, the Glock is out of the camera frame for a split second during that time, but I don’t see how he could have switched guns or otherwise fake showing the magazine empty.

There are techniques for that. I took a combat pistol course that went through one handed reloads. Much more practical and “tactical.”