Why Is This Site Working So Well Today?

Why is this site working so well today when at the same time on most other days it is so slow that I have to play a game of solitaire while it lumbers along. And in general why is the internet usually so slow, so generally inaccessible? The other day I asked an official why it wasn’t working lately and she pointed to the gray skies and says, “it does that on days like this.” However, I thought that the internet was conducted through the fibre optics of the telephone company, or do the signals also bounces off a satellite?

Don’t jinx it, man!

Maybe it has something to do with this response I received when posting earlier.

Or maybe that response was the result of things cooking along. Honestly I’ve never had the opportunity to even attempt to post two messages in less than 60 seconds before.

Maybe the SDMB FINALLY upgraded their servers, and got some good machines to serve the message database. Let’s hope so. BTW…with my DSL, I don’t get slow down on the rest of the Internet…just with this site. Not today, though.


No different for me today at all.

(PS Hibbins - that message has been here as long as I have - to prevent flood posting by spammers)

Obviously it’s because I’m back from vacation and it missed me. Duh.

Which is it, you or the message that prevents the flood posting. :slight_smile:

In that case, the relatively slow response could be seen as another spam prevention tool. :slight_smile:

Ah…must be me. I post and threads die…

Well that’s better than you dying and threads posting…

hahahahahahaahahahahahahah!!! wild one, brandocet.
man i dunno whether i read the board more for the humour or more for the knowledge.

Must be for the humourous knowledge, methinks…

Thanks :wink:

That is not the only odd phenomenon transpiring here on SDMB land. Even more perplexing is seeing your use of capital letters in the OP. :eek: :slight_smile:

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the powers that be have started to prune old, inactive threads.


This has aleady been covered extensively in ATMB, which is, oddly enough, the place for questions About This Message Board. Sometimes, it’s fast, and sometimes, it’s slow.