Why Isn't Your Location Field Filled In?

So, why is it that so few people here currently have filled in their location fields? The number of people who do seems to have dropped off sharply over the last year or so, and I’m probably not the only person to wonder why that might be.

I came in, voted, saw the disparity in lines and thought, “Wow, all the location people are coming in to find out the answer to the question that bugs them most!”

Then I realized the vote count is 2.

I’ll come back later. But I hope some of the no-location people explain why, when they answer a thread like, “what does milk cost where you are” they always forget to say where they are! They’ll say something like, “Around here, it’s $3.49 a gallon” That isn’t helpful!

Well, mine is filled in, but because I am a guest it does not display unless you click on my user name and look at the details. I think that is why many of the guests don’t bother filling it in.

I haven’t really noticed a lot of members without the location field filled in.

Mined is filled in, and actually hints at where I really am (including the abbreviated name of my city), but it’s worded “cleverly”* so may not be immediately obvious.
Truth is, there’s a limit on the amount of text I can put in the location field, so I would have made it more informative (to go with the throwaway “funny”) if I could… :o

But it is filled in!

  • I know, I know… hence the scare quotes!

FINE! I’ll fill it in. GOD…

Heh. You know, that’s really close to what I considered for an additional poll option:D

Yup. Same here.

Add me to that list.

Right here.

It is filled in, just not with anything useful.

ETA: And it doesn’t show anyway.

Filled in, but my screen name pretty much sums it up. My location field has the original name of the city, which was named after a pirate.

I provide my location when it is germane to the discussion.

My username already provides TMI.

Mine is filled in! Not with useful info, but it is. :slight_smile:

If location is important to the subject at hand, I add my location to my post. I live in Southern New Jersey, USA.

I’m a guest, so it doesn’t show, like others, but it’s filled in. I think.

Yep. And the guests seem to outnumber the members. So most of the location fields seem empty (or more precisely not even there).

Since I’m a guest, it doesn’t show up in posts, but it is in the profile. I’m careful to include location information in my posts when it’s pertinent information.


It’s especially important if you’re asking legal questions. Go do it.

Mine is, and what’s more, it’s an actual location.