Why is location so often left blank?

As a newbie, I can’t help noticing that many people choose not to specify their location, and am wondering why this is so.

The old board software didn’t have a location field that showed up on the thread screen, so my guess is that many people just haven’t bothered updating their profile since the big nasty.

Because we don’t really care to let you know where we live.

You aren’t supposed to put in your real location, but rather a nifty little something to display your wit.

General Questions is for questions with factual answers. ATMB is for questions about this message board.

I’ll move this to ATMB for you.

DrMatrix - General Questions Moderator

Come on gazpacho! Spill the beans!

Since you’re now the board’s little designated spy, you tell him where he is. :wink:

The name’s Winkelried. Arnold Winkelried. And I’ve got a 00 number! :cool:

Mah name’s Bondy, James Bondy, and I got a 7.

My name’s Kat and I have three aces and a pair of queens. I think I win this hand. reaches out to scoop up the poker chips

The name’s keyoatey. donkeyoatey. And I want my feedbag shaken, not stirred.:cool: :smiley:

I live in Barstow Ca.
Barstow Barstow Barstow.

And that’s as unreal as you can get.

(other SoCal-ians are now laughing in derision).

Nay, we Barstow types fear no uninvited visits;
no one would ever come here if they didn’t have to.

(other SoCal-ians now nodding and snorting in rueful agreement)

Barstow isn’t as obscure as all that. Sheryl Crow mentioned your town in one of her hit songs, Leaving Las Vegas.

Barstow’s fame spans the continent. Interstate 40 ends in Wilmington, North Carolina. As you head west from Wilmington, a sign informs you that you are exactly 2,554 miles from Barstow: http://www.ncroads.com/interst/barstow.JPG

Wind comes up awful strong around Barstow. :eek:

Why I oughta…

:wink: ;j :eek:

Yeah,there’s an old joke:
“Know why the wind’s so strong around here?
Cuz… Barstow blows,
and San Bernardino sucks!”

Or maybe it’s vice-versa.


That is really cool.
And here I thought we had no culture.
It’s a sign, I tell ya.

Seriously, thanx.
I’ve got to find a way to print that up for my wall.


Yeah, in real flattering terms…

I never said it was obscure, per se.
Just …not exactly a destination resort.