Why it's so cold this winter

This New York Times article blames Greenland. A high pressure system over Greenland is pushing cold Arctic air further south.

Meanwhile, it’s a balmy 54ºF here in the PNW. :smiley:

And Darlingtonia californica to boot.
I hate you.


Our temperature has only gone down to -2 F in central Wisconsin. That’s at least 20 degrees warmer than our really cold weather and is in fact normal weather for here. We’ve also been cold for less than 2 months now, with normal cold weather being delayed for a couple months. What do you mean this winter is so cold? It’s been normal winter weather when it finally started.

So it’s Greenland’s fault? It’s going to go from 70 and sunny today to 61 and rainy on Wednesday, then it’s only going to go back up to 67 on Thursday.

Stupid Greenland.

Nature abhors a vacuum. That’s why there’s a heatwave in southern Australia . . . they sucked all the heat from their antipode.

I think blaming Greenland is a better idea, I have been blaming Canada previously.

I am in Central Florida and we had “SNOW” last weekend, my pipes froze over twice already and it was 25 f’n degrees this morning when I woke up. We are just not equipped for this crap!

So, what are we going to do to them?
We’ve been regularly beating up Canada and stealing their lunch money left and right.

Perhaps, but we’ve secretly been pissing in your beer. Not that you’ve been able to tell the difference with some of your brands. :smiley:

Here in southern Ontario, we haven’t been getting it that bad – pretty moderate temperatures actually, and not much in the way of snow so far, and next week looks like it’ll be milder still, with temps sneaking just above freezing for a day or two. Kind of surprising, really, given the nasty weather that’s hit everywhere else on this side of the globe.

Its Global Warming.

For some reason, I remember it being colder in New York last Winter; when I did the New Year’s Eve run it was under 10 degrees. This year I don’t think it’s gone below 16. And it’s mostly been in the 20s.

Dear God, no wonder I started drinking wine.

Actually, it’s more accurately termed “weather”.

Unless you’re my Mom’s neighbor, who apparently cannot tell the difference between the global climate, and the temperature in his back yard yesterday. (and writes inane letters to the editor based on this)

In other news, I’m in Canada, and it’s currently gone up to 13 degrees C (55 F) at 8:00 pm

I believe the deal with global warming is that warming in one area causes changes in other areas.
I’ve had the water garden since the 1980’s and have never seen an inch of ice on them in Arkansas.

Indeed, that’s why the term “global warming” is not used as much - it was confusing. “global climate change” is more accurate.

It’s been damn hot here in Southern California. Have had temps in the upper 70s and even into the 80s since winter started. Couple that with direct sunlight and the greenhouse effect (on my car and apartment, not globally) and I’ve been running the A/C regularly. Hell, I’ve got my desktop fan on right now and it’s the middle of the night, but still a little warm in my apartment.

The article addresses that, actually:

Another article on the Greenland Block, with illustrations.

AKA a classic Omega block.