Last time I was April for f*ck sakes!

This is freaking insane! Here i sit…April 4th, 2002, and its a complete white out outside!!! What the hell happened to ‘global warming’ and why isnt it coming to canada???

What is colloquially known as ‘global warming’ includes extremes of weather of both hot and cold.

It was warm here all winter. Nice, until you realize that it fucks with anything that grows…

You’re on the wrong side of the country. I was comfortable outside in a short-sleeved shirt the other day… at 7:30pm! :cool:

Goddamit Raini. You keep bringing up the fact that’s it’s fucking below zero there. Are you trying to keep me from visiting you?

[sub]And for the record, it’s not gonna work. I’m coming for you anyway.[/sub] :wink:

I’m in agreement, totally & utterly. Not only do I hate the cold, I fucking hate the cold. “Cold” to me is anything under 50 degrees Farenheit, I don’t care what anyone else has to say about it. So I have no blood. So what? April on Long Island, New York should consistently be above 55, says I. Global warming is my FRIEND. :cool:

Yes, it’s April.