"Why Kurt"

Has anyone seen these signs anywhere? I have been seeing them around town, small yellow yard signs, usually 3 of them spaced a few feet apart. I googled, and there is a story about them in a New Hampshire paper…no explanation, just an article wondering what they are. I live in a Chicago suburb, so I’m wondering if it’s a nationwide phenomenon, or what. Anyone know what it’s all about?

Haven’t seen them anywhere up here.

My immediate thought is of Kurt Cobain, but that is getting to be quite a while ago now. Might be one of those viral marketing type things that pop up every now and again.

Just Googled a bit and found that, yup it’s marketing for a realty called Weichert .

Weichert = Why Kurt? Haha, get it?

I thought about the Kurt Cobain angle, too, jk1245, but couldn’t figure out what it could be.

The actual explanation your found (thanks for that, BTW, I guess I didn’t look hard enough!) is strange to me, because I can’t imagine that anyone would actually connect it to the company based on these signs. I sure wouldn’t. So, you would think there would be some kind of plan to reveal the connection, and there doesn’t seem to be.

It’s probably meant to be “viral” :rolleyes:. Advertisers are between discovering that phenomenon and discovering you can’t make it happen.

Well, it CAN work, but you have to do it in the right way. I remember reading once that the Red Bull people would go to bathrooms at trendy clubs and dump empties in the trash, or leave them lying around. Brilliant idea, I thought. And it probably worked pretty well, but, you have to have some way to link it to the product. Obviously, an empty can would do that, but I fail to see how these signs do.

I haven’t seen those, but I have seen now (twice) a banner and a T-shirt, both white with a large blue W on them. Twice this week. The shirt is on sale at Jewel (local grocery store chain).

What does that mean? It’s not Wisconsin (wrong colors). The only W I know is Bush.

You ARE a south sider! :slight_smile: The Cubs have an old tradition of hanging a flag outside Wrigley Field…a W if they won that day, and an L if they lost (for the benefit of neighborhood fans and people going by on the el, so they could see what the Cubs did that day). The last couple of years, they started selling “W” flags & t-shirts at the shops around the ball park, and the fans bring them to the games to wave at the end if they win. If you go up to the north side, you see them everywhere (I’m on the west side, but we’ve had one flying at our house this summer).