Why "Live Streaming" spam?

This board is constantly being spammed with “watch these sporting events on live streaming.” Why this, and not, say V1agra?

I don’t think I’ve ever received and email spam for live streaming, so why here?

It makes no sense. I can’t imagine anyone has ever clicked on their links.

No keyword filtering?
The mods have mentioned they have some kind of anti-spam working but no details.

I’ve also noticed there’s no SEO type spam anymore.

Not every message board is as fast as we are at catching and eliminating spam. Some forums are pretty much swamped with spam.

There’s also comment sections at blogs, Youtube, etc.

Sure, but what they’re selling, I can’t imagine anyone buying

Because whoever is doing it (and it may be only one person) has the spam account for sporting events and not V1agra.

We’re not being singled out. We are just caught up in the rush. The spammer is hitting everyone in sight, multiple times.

The live streaming sites probably have advertisers, so the spammer wants to drive traffic to them to increase views of the advertising.

I’ve clicked on them. They usually take you to a reddit post with a link to the streaming site, which you have to pay to watch.

So “live streaming” doesn’t mean “free streaming.” Amazing! And the links are just ads, not unlike the ads this board decided to serve up recently.

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The live streaming spam comes from either one person or a very small group located in Bangladesh. They are particularly adept at avoiding our spam filters. They use every trick in the book, like posting through hosting services and using other tricks to hide where their IP is actually coming from, and creating posts without the links in them to bypass the spam filters and then editing the post to insert the links afterwards. This requires a lot of manual effort on their part.

I don’t know why this particular spammer only spams live stream, but it’s definitely their topic of choice.

I posted a GQ thread a couple weeks ago (which I can’t currently search for) about spam on Facebook with supposed links to first run movies. Are these two types of spam the same?

The very latest (just a minute ago), went to Youtube.

But does anyone, anywhere, pay for their “service?” I am doubtful. Seems like a very strange business model.

The most recent spam is for UFC 197 which is a pay per view event. 49.99 SD/59.99 HD.
I’ll bet the streaming sites charge a lot less. Or they steal your CC number.

That’s the point, isn’t it? I would never trust my credit card to a company that spams a message board to get my attention.

I know someone who, around a decade ago, tried to watch a live streaming sports event from some unofficial online source (not a link from this site).

While the matched was streamed, every minute or so his internet security program would show a pop-up saying, something like, that an intrusion had been blocked. He stopped watching the game after a few minutes (and hasn’t tried streaming from such a source since).

From the internet:

Most spam links(at least IMHO) are the result of a “legitimate” company who says “we can raise your Google ranking.” Give us money. So, the money goes to a person in Bangledesh(or India, or wherever) who makes $1/day.

I got a cold call from an unknown solicitor who said he could guarantee that my site would be at the top of any Google search for a particular area and product. He wanted $200 per month, payable for a year in advance.

When I asked if I could have his guarantee in writing and my money back if it didn’t work as advertised, he said “We put nothing in writing. You just have to trust us.”

Legitimate, my ass.

I’ll reinforce this and add that the very best line of defense we have against this is you fine people clicking the ‘report’ button. I’ve gotten so adept at it that I’ve been able to deal with a spam thread in 30 second on my phone while walking down my office hallway. But it has to be reported for me to see it in that circumstance.