Why Negra Modelo?

There’s a fairly decent Mexican beer called Negra Modelo. The name seems to violate a couple of rules of Spanish in my high school understanding of the language. First, the gender of the two words is different. Shouldn’t it be Negro Modelo? Second, I assume “Negra” is black, and “Modelo” is model. Shouldn’t the adjective come after the noun? Even if it were Modelo Negro, what would that mean?

For that matter, there’s also Pacifico Clara. Right word order, wrong gender.

Modelo is the brand name, Negra modifies cervesa. At least that’s my take. Modelo Especial is another variety, both brewed by Corona.

Maybe the Negra is modifying the (implied) word cerveza. Maybe it’s (Cerveza) Negra Modelo.

Dunno, but, despite its tacky look (you know, that gold foil crap), it’s not half bad.

When I saw the thread title, I thought, “Because it’s so darn good, refreshing but with a hearty flavor that stands up well to Mexican food!”

Thanks, Greg, for starting this. I had been wondering about it too, and my grade-school Spanish wasn’t up to the challenge.

Because it’s there.

But then it would in the wrong forum, and I never post threads in the wrong forums. :wink:

An implied “cerveza” is a good theory. “Cerveza Negra by Modelo,” makes a sort of sense. I guess it could also be, “Pacifico brand Cerveza Clara.” On the other hand, they could just be messing with us gringos.

Proper names don’t necessarily follow gender. That’s why you can have a cerveza clara named Pacífico or a cerveza negra named León.

I think Shib and JT have the right take.

Here is a little info about Modelo.

Grupo Modelo, founded in 1925, is the leader in the production and marketing of beer in Mexico with more than 62.70% domestic and export market share. It has eight brewing plants in the country, with a total annual installed capacity of 46.0 million hectoliters. Currently, it brews and distributes ten brands; CoronaExtra, the number one Mexican beer sold in the world, Modelo Especial, Victoria,Pacífico, Negra Modelo and other regional brands. It exports five brands with presence in more than 150 countries and is the exclusive importer of Anheuser-Busch’s products in Mexico, including the brands Budweiser and Bud Light. Grupo Modelo trades in the Mexican Stock Exchange since 1994 with the ticker symbol GMODELOC.

So, I’m sitting under a grass shelter on the pacific coast of Mexico, drinking an ice-cold Negra Modelo; and I care whether the label is gender correct?
It’s a LABEL!
Actually Corona is brewed by Modelo, and is considered their “bargain” beer.

Can’t help you with the Espaniol, but that is one fine barley-wine, to be sure!

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

I use Negra Modelo bottles for my own stuff. They fit the fridge better. Anyone know an easy way to remove that @^$@^&!!! gold foil?