Bridgeport Cafe' Negro

The beer distributor left two cases of the stuff at my store. We have no space on our shelves, so the manager marked it half price.

It is perhaps the best beer I’ve had this year.


Suppose the name is putting people off? Any C student in Spanish knows it means “black coffee,” but there’s always some joker who will bring the RO.

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I doubt it. There’s a Spanish sparkling wine called Cordon Negro which means “black rope” and I haven’t heard any complaints.

Style? I generally like Bridgeport beers, and their Chamberlain Pale Ale is superb.

Half price? I’m sure you could sell it for a lot more than that. Just put up a sign saying

Far stronger and faster working than anything paler or Irish

and you’ll probably be surprised at the attention.
I’ll be over here awaiting the flames.

As well as the venerable Mexican beer Negro Modelo, which is actually one of my favorite, hardest-working Mexicans on the market…

Oh man, that’s bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Ten bucks”

If you have some leftover I’ll reluctantly take those Negros off your hands.

But only in 6-packs. I’d hate to break up a family.

The desire to take this out of context is almost overwhelming…

Nitpick: It’s Negra Modelo. (And it’s my favorite Mexican beer too.)

Porter with coffee. :smiley: