Why News Releases IF Not on Website"

Quite frequently I respond to news releases in magazines about a new product to the maker. A search of the manufacturer’s web site or an inquiry to their “Contact Us” address results in the equivalent of a big “Huuuu.”

Are advertising departments so dense as not to realize that a new product MUST have all venues covered simultaneously?

For some reason I’m having a hard time parsing your question here…but I think I get the gist.

One of our clients sells plastics. We make their Web site. I don’t know what the process is to get new hard-copy advertisements out is, but the Web site updating process is sloooooow. Not slow because we, the Web Developers, are slow. Slow because the one dude who’s in charge of “getting the Web site done” (the fella who tells us what to do) is very low on the totem pole and needs approval from 12 people in 4 different countries to get ANYTHING done, and he also needs to figure out who pays for it.

Seems like, from my experience, that large companies that don’t have their own in-house Web team (and probably many that DO) are extremely slow-moving dinosaurs and no one can figure out who’s supposed to make Web decisions and who (which department) is to pay for what. They all have been doing print advertising for eons and that stuff runs like clockwork so decisions get made and stuff gets printed, and it gets out on time and as expected.

But the Web stuff is slow because the People In Charge are dumbasses, and the indecision about the Web stuff can’t hold up the print stuff so they are just rarely in synch.

And it’s not the Web Developer’s fault and not the Print Ad folks’ fault (although they are arseholes nonetheless…heh) but it’s the company’s fault for not thinking ahead, opening their wallets and listening to the professionals they hired to do the job.