Why no diet grape soda?

Simple question: I can get diet orange soda, diet cola, root beer, cream soda, lemon lime, etc…why does no one make a diet grape soda?
Also, whatever happened to Diet Hawaiian Punch? Did they take it off the market because it wasn’t totally sugar-free?

Diet Rite makes a white grape they sell around Chicago.

Shasta makes a diet grape soda.

WAG here: grape isn’t that popular a flavor, so diet grape is going to sell even less well.

Another WAG: what happened to Diet Hawaiian Punch is probably that it didn’t sell. C’est la guerre…

Why? Because diet soda sucks! That’s why!

It’s hard to find diet soda in kid-friendly flavors. I’ve never seen diet orange soda, and most convenience stores don’t even carry diet root beer (the very best flavor of diet drink, IMHO). Maybe they just assume that adults aren’t going to be interested in these varieties.

I really should switch to water anyway.

Winn Dixie sells a store brand of diet grape. It also has diet in many other flavors. It doesn’t taste as good as regular grape soda, though.

Check around your supermarket for the store brand. You might be able to find other flavors in diet.

There’s five words to put the fear in you. I tremble at the mere thought of it.

because Grape soda is so horrible, that if they put FAKE sugar in it, they’d lose ALL business, even die-hards