Why no good Christmas movies this year?

I dont get Hollywood.

Christmas movies like Christmas Vacation, Elf, Its a Wonderful Life, Christmas with the Kranks,The Santa Clause, A Christmas Story, and many others do well both at the box office and for years to come with dvd sales and merchandising. So why this and many other years dont they make more?

Yes, I know they put out a couple of lame ones this year.

The Grinch was this years.

If they knew which ones would be good they would never make or release the lame ones. Hollywood throws a lot of tomatoes at recall hoping one will stick.

A Christmas Story didn’t get much attention on initial release. It was considered a sleeper and was still in only a few theaters by Christmas. It only became “a thing” once it hit TV.

Christmas with the Kranks was, is and will always be a dud. 5% at RT with 37% of the audience liking it. B Cinemascore which is quite bad as even dumb action films usually get at least a B+. Budget of $60M and box office of $96M.

In addition to Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch ($254M and counting) this year, there is also Christmas Chronicles with Kurt and Goldie.

Mary Poppins Returns will be seen as a Christmas movie down the road.

I guess we’re not counting The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

Because it is impossible to do better than the holiday celebrations at Nakatomi Plaza?

That was the only xmas movie I (re)watched this year.

They churn out Christmas movies every year, most of them just land with a thud:

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Christmas Chronicles on Netflix was kind of a big one this year.

And my son’s class went to see The Grinch as well.

A *couple *lame ones? Have you tuned in to the Hallmark channel lately?

Similarly…you gotta wonder why they don’t time a Marvel or Star Wars movie for this period.

Yeah fans can moan and moan about the state of Star Wars but I’m telling you an Obi-Wan or Boba Fett movie would have made bank if released in this month.

Who is ultimately in charge of Star Wars films? Well whoever should have just carved out a Kennedy-Abrams-Johnson free branch, hand picked some peeps and green-lit an Obi-Wan film instead of panicking.

They did release a Marvel film – Spiderman into the Spider-Verse is still fairly new. It seems to have had a limited release Dec 1st, and it’s real release Dec 14th. (per wikipedia)

The Last Jedi came out Dec 15, 2017. I believe I saw it Christmas Day (might have been Eve)

Solo came out earlier this year, Episode 9 is coming out next Christmas. They’re only doing one a year.

Marvel Studios never does Christmas movies. They’re almost always spring/summer movies. The closest is early November.

We watched this after dinner last night. Very well done, feel good, Christmas movie. Kurt Russell as Santa. I was surprised to like it. Should be added to the annual Christmas list of movies to watch.

Thats true. I forgot about that one.

Here’s SNL’s take on the genre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSzytvDsPfo