Flowchart for picking your Christmas movie

Presented as a public service. Merry Christmas, everyone!


It took a while, but I finally got to my default choice. Coulda saved time by just opening the cabinet because Die Hard is sitting in front, waiting for this most-special day.

We usually go for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation… I’m hoping tonight we can settle down to watch it. I’ll be thinking of my son, he used to love to watch it. R.I.P. Brad…

Thanks Elendil’s Heir :slight_smile: Cool flowchart !

Merry Christmas to you and Everyone here !

Damn straight. Die Hard has been my Christmas movie for years.

I wanted Nightmare Before Christmas but it was between Polar Express and Jingle All The Way, we picked Jingle. It’s not a terrible movie.

Still want to see Bad Santa once it makes it to Amazon Prime or Netflix.

Now there’s a ringing endorsement! :wink:

I wouldn’t endorse it, but it does have Phil Hartman and his character is pretty good. And of course Arnold.

Not all of the paths end at Christmas Story, so the flowchart is obviously wrong.

Mine’s not on there, but then, it’s arguably not a Christmas movie. It is a New Year’s movie, though, and that puts it into the general “Holiday Season Movie” drawer.

The Hudsucker Proxy.

You know, for kids!

(Planning to watch it tonight, in fact.)

Bumped. Enjoy!

Straight to Bad Santa. Too bad I already watched it over the weekend.

My three favorites aren’t on the list. I suppose I can understand missing Arthur Christmas, but leaving out Miracle on 34th Street and the Alastair Sim Scrooge/A Christmas Carol is inexcusable.

“Miracle” is on there.

Wait, where’s “Muppet’s Christmas Carol?”

Bad Santa. If there was only a thread about that to post to … :stuck_out_tongue:

There have been xmas comedies, xmas dark comedies, xmas family fare, xmas dramas, xmas action films, xmas puppet movies, xmas cartoons, etc. Pretty much every genre has been represented.

However there has never been an xmas snuff film!

Seriously, can you name one?

Where’s Santa Claus vs. the Martians?

Or Female Trouble?? (Well, OK, technically that’s not a Christmas movie, but that scene is a Christmas classic!