Why no printing of Condom sizes on the wrapper?

Hmm? Is there any way to tell what size (length and girth?) without having to open it?

(Also, before I forget and so I don’t have to start a new thread: How does pre-ejaculate work? Is it right before you ejaculate or as soon as you get an erection? I thought I saw a thread about this like a week ago, I couldn’t find it, did I just imagine it?)

Why no sizes printed on the outside?

Because it’s REALLY embarrasing to be seen buying the extra small size! :eek:

(or, ermm, so I would imagine… slinks away whistling innocently)

Generally, it’s pretty much a case of one size fits everyone. If you have size issues (one way or another), This site sells condoms in 55 different sizes.

Pre-ejaculate starts to flow when there is significant sexual stimulation to signal to the body that an orgasm might be forthcoming (ha!). Its purpose is to clean the urethra before the actual seman flows.

Astro Boy, the sizes are printed on the box, which is where I’d suppose anyone would purchase, unless it’s from the vending machine in the bathroom.

Re: sizes not on the wrappers, because you really don’t want to have your gf see you with one of the smaller sizes (I always thought that the average size was “Large” and the smallest size "Medium), or, you don’t want your bf to be upset when you give him a small size.

Shagnasty is correct about the pre-ejaculate. Here’s why it works that way. Urine is acidic. Semen is alkaline, and sperm cells are happier in alkaline stuff. The pre-ejaculate fluid is alkaline, to make a friendly path for Sammy Sperm.

The hard part, actually, is finding a druggist who will measure you for the right size condom. :smiley:

And I bet none of those sizes is a small!
:smiley: :eek:

I’ve never seen condoms made in different sizes before; I pretty much thought it was a case of one size fits all. I’ve seen the easier to put on condoms which are a milimetre or so larger in radius apparantly, but never ones marketed as “small”, “medium”, “large” etc. I thought that since latex is very pliant, it really was a case of one size fits all?

Looks like they aren’t taking your word for it either.

Introducing TheyFit™ condoms, the world’s first Sized-to-Fit condom line in 55 custom-fit sizes. The custom tailored fit makes these condoms safer, while significantly increasing comfort and pleasure for a more natural experience.

Before ordering, you will need to use our Fit Kit™ to measure the Johnson in question. To either download a Fit Kit or request that one be mailed to you free of charge, please CLICK HERE.

What brands, specifically? Trojans, as far as I know, don’t indicate a specific size for their regular condoms on the box, or packet, although they do sell large and extra-large sizes (Large, Magnum, and Magnum XL). So there seems to be no “small” size sold at all; “medium” is not labelled on the box; but “large” and “extra large” are labelled as such.


If you go to their link for determining what condom type is best for you, they have a “fitted” choice listed, along with medium, large, and extra-large. I’m assuming that’s their euphemism for “small” (or “slender,” at least).

I think ultra-fit is the correct euphamism

OK, I just have to repeat this story, supposedly from WWII.

Roosevelt and Stalin are meeting during the war, and FDR asks Stalin what kind of help the US can give to the USSR.

Stalin replies that troop morale is really low and that he needs shipments of American comdoms.

FDR says “No problem – waht size?”

Stalin says “Our usual size – 14 inches.”

FDR is aghast about this, and later complains to Churchill. Churchill tells FDR to make them up just the way Stalin wants them, but stamp “Texas Medium” on them.

I heard a similar story.

They needed extra super large condoms to keep the salt water out of the weapons at Normandy (or some other place), and Chirchill said to mark the condoms small so that it would mess with the german’s minds

I would buy the Trojan Extra large. For real. The only problem came when the cashier would swipe it over the reader and the product name would show up in big letters on the display for anyone in line to see. I was embarrased.

The reality is a normal size condom can fit over just about any penis. You can go get a condom and easily wrap it around the largest cucumber you can find at your local vegetable stand.

Condoms can stretch a lot, so size really isn’t an issue (unless one is incredibly small, then I am not sure what you would do). I prefer the Magnum line of condoms, because my member is so incredibly large that it refuses to wear normal condoms. :slight_smile: