"MAGNUM" sized condoms...

What constitutes needing to have one of these extra larges? Length? Girth? Both? I was just wondering if maybe I should don one of these babies next time around.

If the regular size feel so tight that it’s like wearing a rubber band around your forehead, or they’re so short that you unroll them all the way down, but they keep unrolling during sex and you’re tired of your winky looking like an old lady’s ankles with her knee-highs rolled down…you might want the larger size.

If you really want to impress the cute chick that works in the drugstore, or the girls who see them in the cab of your truck … you might want the larger size.


Give me some general measurements here? I am about 5.5" circumfrence, and almost 8" long. What’re your professional opinions?

Merely a marketing ploy.

After all, how would any self-respecting guy answer the question:

“OK sir, 1 box of condoms. Will that be regular or the Magnum extra large?”

My not so professional opinion is that no woman would let you come near her with such a monster.

Actually some guys might need the ring to be a little bit more accomodating to their girth. Since the rest of the condom can stretch from here to next Tuesday I don’t think that’s a problem for most men.


::sits here pouting about the “Wee Willy Winkie”-sized condoms he uses::

A marketing trick.

Blowing up a (standard-size) condom is an old and juvenile party trick. When inflated, the things are seriously big - 18" long and 6" in diameter? Any guy whose member exceeds the dimensions of a blown-up condom isn’t going to be having sex anytime - at least not with a human.

I don’t think it is a marketing trick. As I said I think it is the ring that is slightly larger. I’ve found that some brands of condom fit me better then other brands. TMI alert in the following example.

I have difficulty putting on regular Trojan ribbed and lubricated condoms. It wasn’t the sheath that I had difficulty with it was the fact that the ring was just to tight. I’d have difficulty rolling it all the way down and as a result the condom would come off during intercourse. The Magnums produced by Trojan fit better and as a result would not come off during intercourse.

I’m not claiming that I have a super human penis. I’m just saying that the slightly larger one fit me better.


I’m thinking Chekmate is only a brand of condoms here in Australia because nobody seems to have remarked on it yet. Or is it that it’s just so obvious that everyone feels it’s beneath remarking upon?n

A standard-sized safe can easily be rolled over your fist and arm. (Never needed to do this, but I remember from “Sex-ed” class waaaaaaay back there.) If your erect penis is bigger than my instructor’s arm, you should buy the extra large kind. If it’s not, and you buy 'em anyway, it’s just another case of pitiful male ego being exploited by canny marketers.

I would disagree that magnum sizes are just a marketing ploy. Condoms aren’t just a “one size fits all” sort of thing- it’s important to find the condom that best fits, as improperly fitting condoms can greatly increase chances of breakage.

Yes, you can roll a condom over your arm. At the same time, there’s a “normal use” consideration to keep in mind. A person with a 32 inch waist could fit into 30 pants, but it won’t be particularly comfortable.

At the same time, a too-large condom is just as dangerous in terms of breakage and slippage. The best thing to do is try different brands and see what fits and feels the best.

When I first came to China in 1985, before capitalism really started to take off here, condoms were still produced by state owned factories. The sizes were Large, Medium, Small and Extra Small. What marketing moron came up with that?

I remember buying some once and the sales clerk, a short,squat battle ax of a grandmother, yelled across a crowded store “what size do you want?” Despite having a tiny pecker, I of course asked for Large.

I have found the Magnums to be more comfortable for me and I don’t think I’m hung like a horse. The regular condoms fit, but they feel too snug. The Magnums are a little loose (not at the ring) and I’ve actually found that it feels better. Ironically, my wife bought them for me the first time. One thing you do need to be careful about: When you are finished, it’s best to remove yourself in pretty short order because the Magnums will slip off pretty easy if you aren’t “standing at full attention”. So, even if you are an average guy like me; I would recommend at least trying them…


Sure the regular ones will fit, but the challenge of getting that damned thing on can detract from the heat of the moment. I have bought the larger ones recently and have had a much more comfortable and quick application process, which generally keeps the situation from degrading (“What the hell are you doing over there?”). Easier to remove, also.

As far as Marketing ploy, I do believe that. There are no normally available “small” condoms (outside of China, apparently), yet guys’ tallywhackers come in varied sizes, some not so big. The Normal American Guy would NEVER buy a “small” condom, so I firmly believe the Condom Marketing Association (CMA) has undersized the little sheaths so they don’t get a lot of pregnancies from women who do guys with little ones.

For a bit more dialogue on this, check this thread: A condom question for the gents…

For a spectacular story of the loss of the perfect condom, check this post in particular from FallenAngel.

Having not yet tried a Magnum condom, I have nothing else to add here, save that “ultra-thin” condoms on a penis-of-unusual-size are even thinner and provide excellent tactile sensation. FYI.

They are for wine bottles to preserve wine. Websters:
: a large wine bottle holding about 1.5 liters

1.5 liters?
Quit bragging, handy…

Hell, you’re a little guy, aren’t you? I’m about 40" in circumference and almost 75" long.

[sub]Oh, you were talking about your penis, weren’t you? never mind. [/sub]

I am not huge by any means but I have been told I am bit thicker than most. Yes, I can fit a regular condom, but it feels like a tourniquet, and really is uncomfortable. And sex is supposed to be pleasurable, right?

Two reasons, as already pointed out, are comfort and ease of application. Although, I have only used the “Trojans Large”, never actually the “Magnum” brand. I don’t know if there is a difference in size between the two.