Why no ribbed or warming sensation Magnum XL Condoms?

Having to use these condoms, I’ve found that there really isn’t much of a variety of Magnum condoms. A variety of Magnums for “the bigger fella” would be nice. I’ve (uncomfortably) used the Magnum Twister Condoms and also the Magnum Warming Sensation condoms, but I require Magnum XL condoms.

So, my question is, has Trojan ever decided to come out with “Ribbed Magnum XL” or “Magnum XLs for Her Pleasure” type condoms? If not, why ?

The small percentage of us that use Magnum XL Condoms would like to have a variety as well.

They are only supposed to be used over your penis.

You do realize that the ‘Magnum’ is a marketing gimick? Considering the amount that a normal condom can stretch, I don’t think that there are too many guys who ‘require’ a larger condom.

Just 'cause it can stretch doesn’t mean that it’ll feel good, or that it’ll stay stretched out. Not that I know this from experience, but that seems to be a risky plan.

I asked My Guy about this, since he’s in that “small percentage.” He said that yes, the condoms do stretch to fit, but they invariably break when heated up. And also, the rim doesn’t stretch as much as the rest of it, and he found that to be uncomfortably constricting.

There is a Magnum with “warming sensation.” There is also a “twister” Magnum. Look harder.

ETA: Oy gevalt, didn’t intend that to be so open to puns!

I know there is a warming sensation magnum and a twister magnum, read my question a bit closer. I need them to be in XL

They have one called “Magnum Condom Conveniently Named So You Can Casually Mention the Size of Your Penis Instead of Doing a Simple Google Search”.

Nah, you pro’lly could’t use one…

It’s not a marketing gimmick. Magnums are 32% larger and Magnum XL are even larger than that. Believe me, when I tried to use a regular condom back in the day, it’s so tight it I can barely get it over 2" of the tip of my penis. As the gentleman stated below your post, it’s very tight.

If you have need of a magnum, wouldn’t ribbing just be gilding the lily, as it were?

newcrasher, that doesn’t work either

When I use regular sized condoms, they beak about 20% of the time. I’ve never had a Magnum break (I don’t need the XL, just regular magnum.) Also, the Magnums don’t feel as tight on me.

(I love the threads that let me casually brag about the size of my wang… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Actually, it’s not just a marketing gimmick. The stretch of the rubber may be sufficient to cover a larger penis, but it’s definitely not comfortable for the wearer, as it gets extremely tight. As many have stated before me, the circumference of the ring is where the issue is.

I use the British Durex Hey Do You Have a Pet Elephant at Home? size but then all Aussies do. The Jalapeno Deluxe is way warming enough.

I refuse to be an enabler in your twisted penis fantasy!

My friend’s dad is 89 years iold, and was a dentist waaay back in the day.

I am not sure if this is true or not, but my buddy tells it like it is…

His dad had a cut on his finger and was using a finger cot Finger cot - Wikipedia when he saw patients. He left one in his pocket by accident. His wife found it when doing laundry and DEMANDED an explanation!

I want to know why the Magnum XL condoms are so small!?! Why oh why don’t they make an XXXL?

(In all seriousness, I once bought some Japanese condoms and couldn’t get them on, and I’m by no means anything to write home about.)

Japanese condoms were too small for me also. One night with my then-girlfriend, I got so frustrated at the miniature condoms that we ended up using the pull-out method. I’m quite lucky to still be sans-child :eek:

That Wikipedia article made me crack up when it matter-of-factly stated that finger cots do not have spermicidal lubricant or reservoir tips because they would be “wholly unnecessary.”

I’ll say. I saw a friend of mine (stolen from Howie Mandel, I think, although that may have been a surgical glove in his case) take a regular condom, blow it up, and pull it over head head… ring and all. It didn’t break.