Why no Rounders 2?

Poker has exploded, with Rounders partly to blame for it. Why don’t they make a sequel while Texas Hold’em is still an (albeit fading) fad? With all of the poker junkies plus cult followers of the original film, I don’t see how it couldn’t find an audience. They set it up so perfectly at the end too, it’s practically begging for a sequel. It could take place during the WSOP, with Mike amused at poker’s sudden popularity. Worm would of course resurface, trying to fix the game as a dealer or something. And Teddy KGB would have to be in there somehow, because he’s one of my favorite campy movie villains.

Don’t forget the multi-million dollar product placement deal for Oreos.

But his Oreo tell got busted, so this time it would have to be something a little more subtle. Like… fudge stripe cookies.

Here’s an except from an interview ESPN’s Bill Simmons had with the writers and creators of Rounders. It starts out as a joke, but at the end they address the question of why there’s no sequel yet.

They would do it but the right script hasn’t come along yet.

Why no Rounders 2? Because they made Rounders 2 and called it Tilt, and it sucked.