Why No Simpson's Movie?

Anybody got the inside scoop on why there was never a Simpson’s movie?

Matt Groening says he’s working on one.

One of the writers spoke at my university and he said the reason there was never a Simpsons movie is because they could never come up with an idea that lasted more than half an hour. In fact, the Kamp Krusty episode was originally the first idea for a movie, and it ended up being the shortest Simpsons episode ever (I think it was 17 minutes), which is why there is a Rod and Todd Flanders short after it.

Plus I keep hearing how they want to wait till the series is over so they can devote the time to it that is necessary. So it’s at least 4 or 5 years away.

Given the new episodes coming out, how could a movie be anything but terrible?

Obviously they’re saving all the good jokes for the movie!


Does there need to be a movie of everything?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: No.

Pokeman: No

Brady Bunch: No

Rocky III and V: No

Simpons: Absolutely!

Why? What can you do in a movie that you can’t do in the show? What purpose would the movie serve? How many SImpsons episodes have you seen that make you say, “Damn, I wish this was an hour longer?”

I love the Simpsons, and I can certainly see why Groening would want to make a movie (to make money) but I don’t see much in it for the fans.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s okay for books, TV shows, games, and comics to be what they are and not have to be movies?

Ummm…I think I came up with a pretty good idea for one

I can definetely see your point. I guess I am pretty biased. I guess I would just love the idea of watching an hour and a half Simpson’s on the big screen. Not to mention all the excitement of waiting for it to come out. But I can see your point as well. Just wishful thinking. :slight_smile:

What Legomancer said.

There’s already too many badly done movies out there now, so called blockbusters that should have been called walletbusters.
Sheesh. :rolleyes:

Damn right! Coming soon: Peeps, the movie!!

Plus if it’s in the theaters there might be … you know … nudity.