Why no Sunny in Philadelphia thread?

Or have I missed it? This show just seems like the kind eveyone here would really like.

Kind of reminds me of a smaller, cheaper (not to mention un-canceled) Arrested Developement. Shot single camera film-style, no laugh track, very improvised-ish dialog, very twisted & dark humor centered around a bunch of amoral, likeably-unlikeable slackers overly obsessed with outdoing one another.

Oh shit. I used to watch when it came on after Starved. Then they had it on Fox after Family Guy… and I’m watching it now on F/X.

Holy shit, this is funny. It actually reminds me of a more raw Seinfeld. The characters are completely self-absorbed and regularly fuck each other over… and they’re losers. But they’re still funny and a little sympathetic. I never cottoned on to Arrested Development, it always had that smug sense of how clever it was. And most of the actors irked.

Season pass is enabled, I’ll be watching this!

“Trey is so cool… he’s totally going to bang your sister!”

Now I go for the trifecta…

The preview for next week’s show is when the gang is doing community service at a Boys’ Club, and two of the characters are picking teams for basketball. Only, of course, they’re assholes about it and are picking the best athletes…

One picks a team of all Black kids. The other is like, “Hey, you can’t have all the…” and the other is “What? I can’t have all the who, now?”


Let me just throw something out there — I think this show has really gone downhill with the addition of Danny DeVito. I don’t know if it’s just adding him, but the whole show seems to have lost its momentum to me.

The first season (on after Starved) was absolutely hilarious. The gun episode. The episode with the abortion protesters. The episode where Charlie has a kid?! Jesus Christ. It was the funniest thing on tv. I’m not sure it’s living up to its potential.


I think DeVito is perfect for the show, he’s just as fucked up as the rest of them. The only 2nd season ep I’ve seen so far is the performance enhancing supplement episode, and I thought it was great. I hope all of season 2 is that good. Not too many shows make me laugh outloud.

I liked the episode with the Israeli next-door neighbor who claimed part of their building. And I think Danny DeVito is a good addition.