It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

So guys, I just got into this show, and I did a cafe society search here to see if there were any threads, and I only came up with one talking about the new season, so I figure that we need a thread here to collect all of the “Sunny” fans to see if we have enough people to talk about it regularly!

At any rate, I reaaaaaaly am liking this show. It’s not good in the way Arrested Development was. Arrested Development simply had so many more layers. Maybe Sunny can get that good over time (There will be many more seasons).

So here are some highlights of the show for me:

Charlie Kelly!

This guy is nothing but non-stop comedy. He’s obviously the loser of the group, but the beauty is that they don’t treat him particularly more mean-spirited than they do anyone else. What I’d love to know is how the hell he ever got enough money to open a bar with these guys.

Secondly, his apartment is the best. What’s even more hilarious is how he’s always wearing long johns in his apartment. Apparenty, a friend told me that he now wears the same thing in his place in every episode. Another thing I love about the show is how so many scenes are set in his place! Frank lives there too now, so that’s pretty awesome.

Thirdly, his acting in the last episode (gas crisis) was amazing. Watching him explain how he’d “count” the gas is the funniest shit i’ve seen. His dressing up as a Texan is great too.

And let’s not forget Danny Devito! I guess I always thought he was kinda funny, but I think this role is going to be memorable for him. I am particularly thinking of how he’s been able to deliver some of the best lines of the show. My favorite was in response to the idea of his daughter taking boxercise classes “What the hell kinda queer shit is that?!” It’s so dismissive and wrong! I love it! His behavior in the fancy restaurant where they confront him about not being his dad is priceless. The way he says “whore” is hilarious. I don’t know if it’s intentional or simply his accent but it tends to come out as “whooer” which really cracks me up.

Then you’ve got Dennis which is a pretty funny character too. I think his best episode was the one where they all went to prom.

A lot of people didn’t like the Manhunter episode. I can understand that but there were some highlights

“They. Drew. First. Bloooooood!”

talking about not wanting to eat a black guy
“Is it racist if we don’t want to eat a black guy?”
“Well shit Charlie! It is now!”

Anyway, there are simply too many to name here really. Every episode has been very solid in my opinion. I’ve been very impressed. Anyone got any favorite moments they want to share? I’d love to hear some. I’ve yet to watch all of the third season, but I don’t care about spoilers.

The third season was a little more hit & miss with me than 1 & 2 but each episode still had some stellar moments. The junkyard cat (“Actually, I’d like to take a look at that cat…”), Charlie’s Night Man song (and lyrics; my wife made me pause the DVD so we could ‘read’ them), Dee in the well of fire (“Aww, come on!”), etc.

I thought Manhunter wasn’t bad – I loved Frank’s casual dismissal of The Hunger (“You’ve probably got tapeworms”) and the gas episode was as good as any I’ve seen. Wildcard, bitches!

Thanks for this thread! I’m cracking up, reading the quotes you’ve selected. They’re great.

In the episode where there’s a North Korean bar with a superbeer, Dennis and Charlie go to scope it out. They try the beer, and they’re impressed. They look at the crowd of people, and they’re impressed. They look at the menu, and they’re impressed. Then Charlie looks at a door in back and says, “Oh no, Dennis, what about that door back there marked Pirate? Do you think they have a pirate back there? That’s going to be really bad!” To which Dennis responds, “Are you asking if they are keeping a pirate behind the door marked Private?”

I just love the bits where they make fun of Charlie’s illiteracy. (That sentence pretty much sums up what kind of comedy this show is.) And I especially love the way he always tries to explain himself afterward!

And the Serpico impression – and the situation that leads Charlie to think that he should start doing a Serpico impression – is one of my favorite moments. Also the Million Dollar Baby send-up (Hundred Dollar Baby), where Sweet Dee and Charlie get all ragey on steroids, and the episode where Dennis and Dee start smoking crack, are gold.

ETA: Oh, and the episode where Frank and Charlie start collecting random garbage, and become homeless people because they have too much crap in their apartment. Ha!

This show is like a really bad car wreck with bodies laying all around. It is wrong for me to like it, much less watch it but I just can’t help myself. I wonder how they ever got Danny Devito to star in it?

I loved how they started out with something awesome (the scimitar) and are soon saying “A metal thing! If we don’t take it, someone else will!”

Another long-time Sunny fan here. I had always thought Devito was one of the creators or producers and that was why he was brought into the show (he was a much more minor character in the first season). However, a quick IMDB search proves that he has neither writing, producting, nor director credit. shrug

My concern with the show is that they are trying so hard to be offensive that they are losing a bit of the comedy. While nothing offends me personally, and I love dark humor, it seems to me that the earlier episodes were more well rounded comedy. Maybe they’ll run out of taboo topics soon and they can get back to more intersting plots. Still, the two episodes so far this season are better than anything else on TV right now.

This has been my favorite show since I was lucky enough to just be changing channels the night that it actually premiered. As in the first episode of the first season. I caught it right as it began and was just blown away. Especially since I’d never even watched anything on FX before.

Anyways, I just want to share my favorite moment with everyone. It, of course, involves my favorite television character of all time, Charlie. It’s from the episode “100 Dollar Baby.” It’s the scene where Mac and Dennis come in to Charlie’s apartment and wake him up to start the “training.” The little dance that he does when he tells them that he can take the trashcan being slammed on his head is absolutely hilarious. I’ve rewatched it on my DVR millions of times.

“Hello, fellow American. This, you should vote me. I lead power. Good. Thank you. Thank you. If you vote me, I’m hot. WHAT? Taxes, they’ll be lower. Son. The democratic vote for me is right thing to do, Philadelphia. So do.”

Hands down, one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever watched on TV.

Watching the extra features on the Season 3 DVDs, I got the impression that there’s a fair amount of ad-libbing from the actors. They’d show the actors flubbing a scene and reshooting it and the dialogue always changed – always still the same general message but they’d say notably different things. Does anyone know if this is the case?

I always thought it should be marked “for immature audiences only” as opposed to “mature audiences.” LOL.

Dumpster Baby has to be my all time favorite. That or the one where they get hooked on crack for the welfare checks. Or maybe when Charlie goes America all over everybody’s ass.

The McPoyles kill it for me every time. The blonde one has the best job on TV.


And Charlie’s song in that same ep. I’m laughing just thinking of it.

Day Man all the way. It has to be one of the catchiest songs ever. Although I think Night Man is probably the better song, just for the lyrics.

My favourite episode is the one where Dennis and Dee start smoking crack. “Hello, I’m a recovering addict and this is my retarded sister that I take care of. I’d like some welfare please.” It was the first episode of the show I saw and it was just so wrong I couldnt help but love it.

Rob McElhenney (Mac) and the others wrote him in and sent him some DVDs of the show.

Oh, and since we’re throwing in quotes,

I love when Mac is jealous because black people love Charlie and gay guys love Dennis. He says Dennis is a “Mary, who is queen of the ball” and Charlie has black girls crawling all over him. He asks what is wrong with him and the way Charlie says, “Ummm, it’s because you’re an ASSHOLE!” gets me every time.

From the same episode, I like Sweet Dee telling Dennis, “You’re not gay, you’re just really really vain.”

Agree with the “whoor” comment about the way Frank says it.

LOVE Rickety Cricket!!! I hope he’s in every episode. And I think Dennis should sing Rick Astley songs in every episode.

“It’s so sexy, guys! It’s all hips and nips! Rise up, gonna get higher and higher! Hey, do you guys have any more blow?”

Rickety Cricket never fails to do a fantastic job of making me cringe.

I’ve been watching this show since it came out and I love it!

I agree with Joey Tightlips that they seem to be trying too hard sometimes…some of the earlier shows were way better.

BUT, I love it that it’s the type of show that when you explain it outloud to someone it sounds utterly ridiculous. “Yeah, the characters wanted some free money so they decided to start using crack so they could get welfare.” “Two of the characters ate some mystery meat and someone told them it was human meat so they tried to get some more from the morgue but couldn’t do it because they thought they were racist for not wanting to eat a black guy.”

That’s pretty fucking funny :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw a couple eps of the second and third seasons but once I saw “Sweet Dee Dates a Retarded Person”, I was hooked. My friends and I regularly sing both Day Man and Night Man songs.

“What is this? A page from a coloring book?”
“No, those are song lyrics. Leave out the rape parts.”

I hope you’re all regulary checking out Paddy’s Pub and the “Going Back to Philly” video.

Oh god, I really love Day Man a bit better. The part where Dennis comes in ad starts singing:


Really, when you think about it Dennis is almost my fave over Charlie. The best thing about the show though is how any character combination is funny. There are rarely any George / Elaine moments in Always Sunny