It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (10/29/09)

Does anyone else watch this show? Not one of the best episodes this week, but still some awesome moments. The whole birds/eagles/chicken arc was fantastic, and I just about lost it when they did their little song and dance routine at ringside. Dee’s storyline was pretty stupid, as you could tell right away (by the laws of sitcom probability) that the guy would actually be able to walk by episode’s end, that Dee would try to get him back and embarrass herself in the process. I did love the use of Kiss From A Rose, though. And jean shorts. Teehee.

This show reminds me of Seinfeld, except everyone has more than a bit of Kramer in them, and they’re all so earnestly insane and cruel. I think it’s the funniest sitcom in American television right now.

Was the Maniac played by Rowdy Piper? it sorta looked like him but i wasn’t sure.

I love the show. I agree, it wasn’t the best episode, but it had its laughs.


how can you not laugh at the wrestling moniker that DeVito came up with?

Trash Eater, and then he goes eating a piece of apple core and almost chokes on it. Funny stuff. I also loved the intro with the crew watching Hulk Hogan and going all patriotic. I remember watching that stuff when I was young and going nuts hearing his song blaring when Hogan posed.

Not one of the better efforts this season, though Roddy Piper was great. Otherwise, a fairly mediocre episode right until Cricket hit Sweet Dee with the chair. From that point on, it was brilliant.

Yeah the ending was great but the rest just seemed like they were trying too hard, the song was funny but it wasn’t “dayman” hilarious.

Agreed. I used to describe it to people as “Seinfeld, but if none of them had college degrees (and we’re more blatant assholes).”

*Yeah, yeah. Dee and Dennis have college degrees - but they sure as hell don’t use them.

I always describe the show as Seinfeld on crack.

Do you describe the episode “Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare” as Seinfeld on crack on crack?

I’ll have to nitpick and say that Dee flunked out of the University of Pennsylvania. So actually Dennis is the only one with a degree.

This show is one of the many reasons I look forward to Thursday night TV. Even a mediocre episode has several laugh out loud moments

Is this the last we’re going to see of poor ole’ Rickety Cricket, though? It looked like he was bleeding pretty bad from his neck, possibly a nick to the carotid or jugular?

Funniest episode by far. By FAR. It’s the one that got me into the show during the first season.

My wife and I REALLY liked this show alot all the way through the 2nd season. Then the hijinks got out of hand and it became far less entertaining as a result. Alot like the Office. I think I stopped really liking the show when Frank basically became a big loser. It seemed so unneccessary.

First seasons were hysterical though.

Have you been watching this season? It really feels like Season One writing. Less ridiculous scenarios, great character moments, perfect writing.

I missed this week’s episode, but I love the show. I’m thankful for episode earlier this season when the gang was preparing it’s “riot juice” for game 5 of last year’s World Series. With the Phillies in the playoffs, and me working at a bar, I got to use the term Riot Juice on many occasions this post-season.

You should see if it’s legal to sell boxed wine out of empty Diet Coke cans. Bet someone would buy it.

I went back and watched the Gang Hits the Road again and reminded myself how funny it is.

Just wanted to chime in as another Doper that loves this show.

The wrestling episode, as has been said already was meh. Dee getting smashed by the folding chair was awesome though. For some reason, I wasn’t expecting it. Shows how much I watch wrestling huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love this show! Been rewatching the episodes from this season on Hulu. I’m looking forward to when the wrestler episode is available to watch.

Ok, the kitten mittons video was freaking hilarious.