It's Always Sunny...when Mac is banging the waitress

Okay, I don’t know if I missed this or what…

In his attempt to bang the Waitress (Coffee Shop)…why did Mac and the Waitress (Coffee Shop) dress like Dennis and Charlie? I know it was Mac’s idea, but I thought he had a plan. Obviously not.

So, anyone?


I believe Mac thought it would seem less suspicious if they were disguised as Dennis and Charlie while breaking into Charlie and Frank’s appartment. Or something like that.

That was a weird episode. And not weird in an awesome way like most of them are.

I gotta say, I think the earlier seasons were much stronger.

I’m very new to this show, I’ve seen a couple of episodes so far. I have to say my favorite is by far “Sweet Dee Dates a Retard” or something like that. I love “The Nightman” song.

Ditto. The show hit a snag when Danny DeVito joined the cast, but season three was still very strong.

The current season has been clunker after clunker so far. I hear that they hired new writers for this season. It shows.

Too bad.

The only ep I’ve enjoyed throughout this season was the opener, “Dennis and Mac: Manhunters.” I’ll still watch the show though to find those gems fewer and fewer between.

Oh guys! I realize it might seem like stating the obvious but it’s because Mac is gay. But maybe he’s not. I think the point was to drive home that Mac is very confused sexually. He doesn’t seem to be attracted to men particularly, but has weird little homosexual-like quirks that aren’t really explained very well. It’s almost like he does it for some kind of power thing. They have dropped a few hints prior to that episode, but this is the one where they sort of really spelled it out.

Remember the gas episode where he uses a graphic description and weird hand motions “**** them up the ass! not gay sex.” He’s constantly betraying his weird sexuality. But he also seems to be attracted to women too. Another example is the one where they have the dance marathon. He has a dance-off with Dennis and towards the end of his dance he’s on his knees in front of Dennis’ crotch bobbing his head. It’s strange. Oh there’s also the time he was dating a transexual.

My friend and I have sort of guessed that it’s more of a power thing to him…somehow. But they are making the point that despite his super macho tendencies, he seems like he might be gay, so it’s hard to say.

They were ostensibly dressing up to break in, but really Mac wanted the waitress to be “behind him” etc.

Also, Danny Devito can be a bit of a drag sometimes, but the truth is that he does also deliver some of the best lines of the show.

The characters are really great, though. Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare, Mac Bangs Dennis’s Mom, and The Gang Gives Back are especially good character-based episodes. And I love the show’s sense of continuity, particularly (not to be making this point again) in the first two seasons, as the end of one episode usually served as the impetus for the beginning of the next.

I’ve only started watching Sunny after starting to watch Sons of Anarchy and seeing the commercials and I think that the ones I’ve seen so far are hysterical (especially “Who Pooped the Bed” and “The Gang gets Kidnapped”.) Are these recent episodes? Are there others that are even funnier?

Can I be Charlie when I grow up?

I dunno, The Waitress (Coffee Shop)'s quest to get her sex tapes back was pretty good, I thought. The fact that Mac was complaining about the balls-only porn angle (and who DOES like that?) made it even funnier.

I’m all caught up now, and the only episode I didn’t like was “Who Pooped The Bed?”. The stuff with Artemis as Ms. Marple was good - the rest was pretty much…crap.

-Joe, apologies

What I really like is the fact that they are making the more straight characters funny now too.

First it was really just Charlie who was crazy. But then later on they started up with Dennis, making him a specifically hilarious character. Now this season it seems like they’re really ratcheting it up with Mac.

“If I wanted to break open the window I’d simply do it with a round-house kick”

Later on after he kicks the mirror off the car, Charlie says, in what must have been improvized,

“Take one class… if you’re so in to karate”

Those are both episodes from the latest season. The episodes from the first three seasons are, generally much funnier than those.

YMMV, though. I thought “Whoo Pooped the Bed” was embarrassingly bad.

Also, Mac isn’t really any more gay than Charlie and Dennis are. The unaware homoeroticism among them is just a running joke (one I think they’re running into the ground, to be honest).

It’s the same as Charlie’s Nightman song (“You come into my room and you pin me down/You pin me down and I try to fight you/You come inside me”) or Dennis’ being in love with himself.

And as far as we know, Dennis is the only one of the three who has actually had gay sex.

I don’t know, the one where they go ahead and get held hostage was pretty hilarious. Especially the part where the ‘immunity challenge’ was wrecking their own bar.



Yeah, I just didn’t like it. The wonderful thing about this show when it’s at its best is that the truly bizarre things that the characters do somehow seem like organic choices completely in keeping with some twisted but understandable logic. (Like, for example, Charlie and the flaming bag of poop, or Dennis and Dee’s decision to buy crack.) The sex tape quest just seemed forced, like the writers needed to get the characters in X place by the end of the episode, and to do that they had to go through steps A, B, and C. Everything seemed plugged-in; the action didn’t naturally flow from the characters.

In my opinion.


I think all of the characters have been crazy in their own distinct ways since at least the high school prom episode. And that was, what, early in the first season? Mac’s always been a lunatic teetering between sensitive and macho; Dennis has always seen the world as a means to glorify Dennis. Dee’s always had the world’s biggest chip on her shoulder.

I’m gonna go to Amazon right now and buy the first two seasons. :slight_smile: Thanks for making this thread, Merijeek!

I think the most recent episode, The Worst Bar in Philly (I think that was its name), was the strongest episode of this season. It reminded me the most of the past seasons, especially Charlie and his hammer. For those who are new to the show go to and watch the past seasons. Also, check out how they got Danny DeVito on the show.

Karate snow machine chopsit. I’m chopping all of my action… and mostly power.

I agree that some of the fourth season has been weak so far, but there have been some good episodes in there. I liked the most recent one, where they kidnapped the writer. Also that Dee called him a faggot for ordering chardonnay and brought him scotch because the wine was too much work.

I thought that when Season 3 was on, it was on. On the other hand, I found Season 3 much spottier than the first couple with a couple of episodes in there that didn’t grab me at all.

Overall, I like most of Season 4. It’s more even than Season 3 for me - most of it is generally pretty good while Season 3 had peaks of absolutely hilarious along with valleys of “this is terrible”. The first two seasons were gold, though.

I agree.

Sunny is weird because it never went through that awkward “We’re a new show and thus not that funny” stage. The show was really strong right out of the gate and its first two seasons remain its funniest.

Actually, I also agree with you that this season is steadier than season 3. So far it hasn’t had any stellar highs or painful lows. My favorite episode this season so far was last week’s, and that was just okay. My least favorite would probably have to be the poop episode, and even that had one or two funny parts.

That opposed to season 3, where you had amazing stuff like “Sweet Dee is Dating a Retarded Person” with some genuine clunkers mixed in as well.

Oh yeah, “Sweet Dee Dates a Retarded Person” was freakin’ genius.

"Prepare to experience sexual magic …