It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

Does anyone but me think that Mac looks like an older, grimy Haley Joel Osmont?


Dennis trying and failing to seduce Macs mom has to be my favorite scene.

The setup for the making of the Day Man song was classic!

I didn’t watch much Seinfeld but can you clue me in on the George/Elaine moments? Were they really awkward together on-screen?

Kinda. There was never much effort made into connecting Elaine to George or Kramer.

Speaking of Seinfeld, that show points out one thing I fear for Always Sunny- running out of ideas for the characters and ending up just tossing them into oh-so-wacky situations with wacky happenings and wacky results. I shudder to think what will happen when The Gang Decides to Open a Hot Air Balloon Company.

That said, I still love the show. And “god damn it, Charlie” has been the default expletive when someone does something stupid.

Oh man, that speech Dennis jsut gave to Frank was one of the funniest things ever.

“My nose was chiseled by the Gods themselves…my body sculpted to the exact dimensions of Michelangelo’s David…you will never, never be on our billboard.”

What’s up with no Dee & Frank in “Mac’s Banging the Waitress”?

Neither episode was great. If not for the gas episode last week, I’d be pretty worried for this season. As is, I’m hoping out hope.

Gotta disagree with you here. I thought these were two solid episodes (if not up to the gas episode – WILD CARD!)

They were okay, a couple of laughs early on in the first episode but I guess I was too busy noticing the absence of Dee and Frank. Part of the hilarty is the alternating plot lines. I think I just got too much time to focus on the guys, and the show looked cleaned up and less gritty somehow, although I can’t put my finger on how.

I can’t provide a cite, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that’s an ongoing joke between Glen Howerton (Dennis) and Rob McElhenny (Mac).

Yeah, I hope success hasn’t ruined the show. It’s still early so I’m holding out for better.

Dude. You have to see the episode where they try out for the Eagles.

Frank is awesome.