Why, O France, hast thou backstabbed thy brother?


So let me get this straight: In yet another of their unveiled threats, China has big military excercises to intimidate Taiwan, much like they’ve been doing for years. And… France joins them.


I wish I could say I was shocked, but nothing the French do shocks me any more. It is sad to see how far they’ve fallen. There are only three possibilities that I can see:

  1. The French are cooperating with yet another tyrannical regime (albeit one that’s getting better) in order to feel important. This one gets my vote.

  2. They are spitting in America’s eye. Since they’ve never cared before, I think this is a part but only a small part of the rationale.

  3. The French are completely ignorant of what this whole excercise will mean in a political sense. I do believe that the French, like most people, are more impressed with themselves than is warranted, but I don’t think the French government could possibly be that stupid.

I wonder what Jean Half-Bottle* thinks of this?

*The equivelant of Joe Six-Pack, if you are wondering