Why Obama Will Probably Lose

Ladies and gentlemen, the Republican base:



Holy guacamole, I couldn’t watch more than halfway through before my brain started melting and running out my ears.

And the scariest thing is that her name is legion.

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What a twit. And for the record, she does not represent the views of Christians everywhere. Only the idiots that make lots of noise about gay people.

So, are you suggesting Obama will lose because all the gays and lesbians will be locked up behind an electric fence and won’t make it to the polls?

Or what do you mean exactly?

That, too.

I don’t understand. Just curious Happy Lendervedder do you go to church? How do you interpret the bible? Do you believe homosexuality is a sin? If not, why? Isn’t God pretty clear on it being a sin?

That creature is a extremist who does not represent the Repub base.

  1. OP, what’s your evidence that that person represents the Republican base?

  2. I don’t really care why people vote for Republicans as long as they do. So, put me down for a “meh” here.

Would you lie to someone to make them vote Republican?

Done and done.

The Lie is what is used to get people to vote any party or issue. Why single out republicans?

BOOYAH! Slam dunk!

God (assuming there is one and the Bible represents his views) is also pretty clear on how to deal with fellow humans that sin: MYOB. Sins that harm only the sinner are between the sinner and God; in this case, I guess, the sinners come in pairs, but it’s still not something that the community at large needs to police.

Effective, but please tell me you’ve done this more than once since 2010. I usually don’t read his posts, but the reasons I started glossing over his attempts at reason strongly suggest it should be an almost daily occurrence.

Eventually, though, those chickens can come home to roost. If Republicans deliberately set out to woo the extremist rightwing Christian vote, then they end up having to defend the platform the extremist rightwing Christians want, in order not to lose those votes.

At this point, the Republican Party’s commitment to things like marriage laws discrimination, anti-science views on creationism and climate change, and other causes dear to the hearts of the religious right is losing them the votes of moderates, and the support of religious-right voters isn’t making up for that.

As a loyal apparatchik of your chosen party, you may not care why people vote for Republicans, but you should probably be concerned to know why people stop voting for Republicans.

The Bible is pretty specific about who is supposed to do the judging. Or did you miss that part?

Interesting answer, but I’m curious about how Happy Lendervedder answers my questions.

I’m not trying to be confrontational. If Happy Lendervedder does attend church, and puts money in the collection plate… isn’t that supporting those who don’t ‘mind their own business’ in the end?

How long have you been waiting for that? Pretty sad really.

In any even, you are wrong. A partisan hack makes up all sorts of stupid arguments just to favor their side and is blind to arguments that favor the other side. I don’t do that. You never see me on the boards defending something a Republican does just because a Republican does it.

At the same time, I think that Republicans in office would be better for this country than would Democrats in office, so I favor people voting for Republicans even if they do so for stupid reasons.

I’m unsure of the ostensibly rhetorical question’s direction. Say I support the Democratic party, donate to local and national races, and volunteer some of my time. Does that mean I *necessarily *support keeping Guantanamo open or crackdowns on medical marijuana facilities?

I gotta stop skipping over your posts. That’s comedy gold right there.