Why Paint Cats? Spoof or not?

I read this book, Why Paint Cats? and found it amusing. The more I read and viewed the photos of painted cats though, the more my bullshit meter went off, particularly towards the end.

In the interest of not encouraging amateurs to paint their own cats, the book purposely doesn’t go into much detail about how to do it. They do list some of the dyes (usually vegetable dye) used on each cat, and often list “neutralized peroxide” whenever the hair has apparently been bleached. Well what the heck is neutralized peroxide and how could it possibly bleach cat hair?

Seems to me if it were so easy to paint these multicolored masterpieces on hair, we’d see a lot more people doing it. True, you see teenagers with multicolored hair, but nothing like the intricate works of art supposedly painted on these cats. And humans can hold still!

So is this just a cute spoof designed to humor, amuse, and occasionally shock & horrify? Sorta like the Bonsai Kitten site?

Spoof or not?

Can’t tell. Remarkable coincidence either way…

It’s a sequel to the same authors’ Why Cats Paint, which was quite popular (I bought one for my cat and art-loving sister). Both books are jokes.

Ok, it is a spoof. Fun though. Had me going for little while.