Why pop-ups still come thru...?

Why doesn’t my pop-blocker suceed at blocking all pop-ups? - Jinx

And your pop-up blocker is…?

I guess it’s a Macafee product related to my Macafee firewall?

No matter what blocker you are using, I guess the answer is that not all popups are made the same way. Some are done via HTML, other with Macromedia Flash, and I’m sure there’s lots of other ways I’m not aware of. Your blocker doesn’t block every single method they can be made. I kinda doubt such a blocker exists.

I use the Firefox browser which has a pretty decent blocker, but some still sneak through,

A lot of new popups are Flash-based. Firefox has a blocker called, appropriately enough, Flash Blocker.

Whenever you encounter a site that uses Flash popups, you won’t see them. If the sites uses Flash objects, they will appear with an “f” symbol. If you want to see the object, just click on the area where it’s located (when you hover your mouse over the object, the “F” becomes a “play” button).

Where can I download this? I had it before, but I had to reinstall firefox and lost all my nifty mods. I remember where was a website you could go to that someone linked from the dope where you do a series of tests to figure out which popups were getting through.