Why put this in email body

So I got some spam today and for whatever reason decided to open it. The first part is obviously to get past filters

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Yea, I’m gonna buy something from them…

Anyways, here’s what is written below this. I don’t know what purpose this would solve, unless people are setting up their filters to ALLOW messages with certain keywords.

aloud groat separate apparition hayward diophantine exogamous signify houdini counteract petunia bequest monologist norris hewett ophthalmology exonerate bold insomnia pueblo halocarbon midst illicit hobgoblin riemann radiochemical erda as cot bypath garvey go receptor anachronism nevertheless desiderata nay cookbook father esteem abolish alchemy momentous chart hemispheric
lobar ellipsometer lifeguard aiken immigrate promulgate fda furious everhart plural catalysis buggy armload filth hotshot kidde hewett
breeches blemish exclaim beman rejoinder dwight conformal abet horseflesh comprehensive consensus darwin
armhole legislate anaheim extend cinch hero extracurricular mccarty escritoire postgraduate mirfak greek buddy nairobi bestselling hard paulus cacao pad imagery countermen determinate collarbone age approbation counsel cecropia debby proven dahl granule fabian phonology hartley combinator bilateral freon elisabeth
sanderson catharsis court erudition hadamard ferguson fence agitate chuckwalla leonard anorthic burglar davison cabot cdc algonquin beheld physiology beyond argumentative coulter bashaw remington salary bart lieutenant cheer matchmake katz massage
nausea pronto bulgaria is riverfront pretentious demo indiscernible assault kirkpatrick fin christine curl diplomat bhutan rut arose rhodes flagging garland alkali deregulate elect arrow lumpy fidget flyway
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control eradicate sideman grovel purchasable ague fake rill calendar coordinate freeway baronet puerto estella X-AOL-IP:

My guess would be that if I set up a filter to reject certain words, but accept others, the spammer is taking a chance that the words he’s sending would be on my “accept list”.

I’ve got a crappy ISP, and an even crappier spam filter. I specify “Viagra” and some of it’s more weller known variants as “reject”, but somehow if one slips the word ‘gradient’ in there, it gets through. :mad:

This’ll be the last time I accept any engineering spam, by God.

Say again?


The hottest thing in anti-spam filtering last year was (so called) Bayesian filters. By taking the words in an email and comparing them to an accumulated distribution of those words in spam and real email, a simple program can assign a spam/not spam quotient that is pretty reliable.

One of the first thing spammers did to get around this was to remove all text from their message. It would just contain 1+ gifs, which were in turn just their message converted into an image. That’s pretty easy to stop. (I read email in plain text only anyway, so I’d never see the content of their messages, no matter what.)

So they decided to attack “Bayesian” filters directly. They throw in a lot of words, different for each email, and try to avoid being categorized by word distribution. It seems to be working. This month. Next month, new anti-spam filter, new dodge around that.

Joey P, I really hope that the sample text is not the actual text of the spam message. A spam-bot roaming the net looking for copies of their spam text will easily identify that the email address that that text was sent to is “live”, and furthermore the owner is a “sucker”, i.e., someone who actually reads spam.

I believe this is the information you need

How To Make Spam Unstoppable