Why site so slow?

I’ve never been on a slower running message board than SD. Is this because it has so many members? This place is great, and I’m hoping to participate more, but often waiting five minutes or more for after each click of the mouse isn’t going to keep me around long. Sometimes it is sporadic, and only a 15 seconds or a half a minute or so wait between clicks. I’m hoping this is a temporary problem. I’ve been on other sites that have their share of activity too, but it operates much faster than SD. Often just a few seconds after each click of the mouse. Is there some things I can change that would help speed up SD without having to go to a cable line since I don’t have that here. There is nothing wrong with my computer and all of ther other message boards I’m able to access rather quickly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, John

I could be cynical, and suggest that the site is slow because people post questions that are cearly explained in the FAQ.