Why so many lies about Trump?

Why do so many feel compelled to lie about what Trump says?

Sanders said on The Tonight Show about Trump "first he tells us to hate Mexicans, now he’s telling us to hate Muslims. . . " That’s a complete and total lie. Trump never said anything close to that.

And this happens very frequently and from many quarters.

I wonder why? I mean, there are many legitimate reasons to dislike Donald Trump, why lie about what he said and discredit yourself? And this is happening on the right and the left. And is bolstering Trumps popularity.

You know how Bush was slammed all the time for lacking nuance? Well, the media doesn’t do nuance either. Remember Scalia’s statement on minority admissions this week? Just completely twisted beyond all recognition by the media.

BTW, Trump didn’t ask us to hate Muslims. Apparently, we already dislike Islam enough:

Sanders isn’t lying, he’s describing what he understands the subtext and implications of Trump’s rhetoric to be.

Language is hard, isn’t it.

Then Sanders is ignorant. Couldn’t we respond that the subtext of Sanders’ rhetoric is that we should hate wealthy people and especially CEOs?

Sorry; I don’t know any more about why people might lie about things Trump has said than I do about why he manages to get so many basic facts wrong.

Not honestly, no.

Okay, so proposing a policy that runs against the interests of a group is not necessarily an expression of hate for that group.

Even going so far as to propose a policy that runs against the interests of that group, while also criticizing the behavior of that group, is not an expression of hate for that group.

Apparently it’s hard for Sanders; hard for him and many other to talk about Donald Trump without intentionally misunderstanding “the subtext and implications of Trump’s rhetoric” . . . or in other words, lying.

Honesty, I think that many feel like they can, get away, with lying about what he says, because they do see him as a cartoon villain or something like that.

Or maybe his mannerisms make them think that they can fill-in “the subtext and implications of Trump’s rhetoric” with their own prejudices concerning what they view as his hate speech. It’s like some kinda mass psychosis.

Even. . . Glen Beck compared Trump to Hitler and Hitler’s rhetoric today. And that’s a total lie too.

No, Trump is a bigoted piece of shit. From Birtherism, to shattering Mexican fammilies, to banning Muslims.

And a third of the party you vote for want to elect this bigoted, ignorant blowhard to the most powerful position on the planet.

Nobody has misunderstood anything. Rational people can all hear for themselves what Herr Trump is selling. Trump’s fans can all hear it, too.

And you’re right, tullsterx - Trump’s popularity is rising, among neo-nazis -

The Nazis hear exactly what Trump’s saying, and they’re excited to support him!

Apparently, the only person who doesn’t understand Trump’s hateful words … is you, tullsterx.

I think it’s more likely, you are giving Trump too much credit.

Some clods on the right want to follow him because he’s got swagger. That doesn’t make him not an ass.

Something which Democrats have all done, just less. Which makes them morally superior, I’m sure.

Sander’s comments fall within the bounds of “acceptable political hyperbole”, because they’re an exaggeration of something that is actually there, rather than something made up from whole cloth.

What exactly are these many other lies that have been told ? Your one example so far is not exactly convincing. Anyway politics is a dirty game, Trump has flung his fair share of shit at his opponents it’s no surprise some will get flung back at him

But, I think you only find it “acceptable” because it’s Trump he’s talking about. If someone said about Sanders “he’s saying all homeless people should be payed $15 dollars an hour for doing nothing” that would be a lie and the person that said that would be discredited in some way. But, apparently anyone can say anything about Trump and get a pass.

Sure he did. He said he would violate the Constitutional rights of both groups, in a big way. That can reasonably be equated to spreading hatred.

The Democratic Party basically functions by calling everyone who disagrees with them about anything a racist. There have been no racists on the national stage for more than a generation, until now. Trump is the genuine article.

If you don’t think my example is convincing then there’s no further discussion to be had. What Sander’s said was a complete, clear, and obvious lie made in front of a national audience.

I disagree. It is a reasonable paraphrase of the intent behind Trump’s fear mongering.

Another lie, Trump is not a “piece of shit” I’m pretty sure.

I doubt he would make a good President. But, you guys are really promoting him.