Why so many timeouts?

Is anyone else experiencing this? More than half the time when I switch fora or even threads I get a timeout. Nearly every time I post, I get a time out.

Are we sure this isnt a DDOS?

Yeah I’m getting it around 1/3 of the time, too.

I take back what I said earlier about getting the 504 timeouts only one-third of the time. By this point, it’s like 80% of the time.

Having the Dope work properly on my browser is now the exception, not the norm.

As I announced recently, the system is in its death throes.

It cannot be fixed.

We will be getting a new system soon. How soon exactly is not yet determined; this is not a decide it on Monday and get it up on Tuesday kind of thing. There is much work behind the scenes to make this happen before you see it and it takes time and etc to do this. And especially to do this properly; remember that whatever they come up with, we have to live with this for years to come and so let them do what they need to do and do it right.

I have copied over my announcement on this subject and stuck it at the top of this forum.


I wish I had resolution for you today but I don’t. However, it is on the way.

your humble TubaDiva

Its pretty good/fast right now :slight_smile:

I know it’s a PITA to do this, but I think this is great news. I have so much trouble getting here then staying here that I figured the board was circling the drain. Very positive news indeed!!

Yeah, the past couple hours have been as good as in the middle of the night in the US. Much better.

“Middle of the night in the US” is irrelevant. I’m in the US, and I’ve experienced the most horrendous sessions in the middle of the night. Location and time of day are not factors.

Just admit it, the board has the Corona virus and we’re all infected now. Dr Jenner told me.
Do I actually need to add a smiley?

CMC fnord!

I experience frequent, consistent, horrendous, almost-unusable levels of timeouts during the US daytime. During US nighttime I experience almost no problems at all. (Like right now, for example.)

EDIT: I imagine “location” is always irrelevant. I mean, the internet is the internet.

EDIT 2: Look at me! Editing, editing, no timeouts! This feels almost decadent…

504 is how a web site coughs.

Thanks, Jenny.
It helps to know that a permanent fix is in the works.

^ +1

I got a timeout trying to access this thread to find out why I’m getting timeouts.

I was starting to take it personally!


This place flies at 3 am Pacific. At least my insomnia’s good for something. :smiley:

I’ve grown quite fond of a saying circulated by modern Buddhists:

Relax. Nothing is under control.