Timing out question

Is there a time limit for the board? What I mean is, if you log on, but don’t post, will the board automatically log you off after a certain amount of time?

In a related question, I have posted, well I tried to post, a fairly long thread twice, and both times when I hit the submit button I got the screen that said I wasn’t logged in. Is that a problem at my end or at the Straight Dope’s end? Any way that I could go about fixing it, besides typing faster?


See if this thread helps on the second issue:
PLEASE READ - for those who are being logged out unexpectedly

I just went and checked your user settings, and you had “remember password” checked to NO.

No wonder you’re not getting anywhere, the system has to keep asking you to sign in because you’re not letting it keep you signed in!

To make this easier for you, I have changed the setting to YES. (You can change it back, if you wanna be frustrated, it’s always your call.)

FTR, “Remember Username and password” and “Browse board with cookies” must always be checked to YES or your board experience will not be a pleasant one.

your humble TubaDiva

I think you’re overstating the case. It can be pleasant and still log in manually. It just isn’t quite as convenient. On the other hand, it does reinforce your use of your password, which makes it a lot harder to forget on the off chance you decide to log in from a different computer sometime, or have a computer problem and have to replace your computer/hard drive.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it, and I wonder how I manage to put my pants on over my underwear some days.:wink: