why the fuck do we have to wait?

Why the fuck do we have to wait one more week to see Matrix Reloaded???
Didn’t we behave??? Are we naughty?

Who the fuck signed that contract saying that we always have to wait up to half a year to see latest films or tv soaps???

Why haven’t they released here 24 SEASON ONE(!) yet? Do I have to have a 200 inch dish to receive Fox???

I can’t take it no more. Everywhere I look I see “Matrix Reloaded: SPOILERSSS!!!” Everybody’s having fun, discussing 'bout the film and I can’t even open that thread 'cause I HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET, FFS.

Oh damn, it is soo unfair. It cost me a great effort to write this with only one hand (other one’s sprained) so pay tribute to me and accept me as a inferior deprived human being.

Besides that I like sports, going out with friends or just enjoying the day in the nature. Not that you think I’m tv-junkie!

excuse me being childish (just needed to vent my anger)

Are you in France? If so it might be more then a year.


Just saw Matrix:Reloaded. Holy fuck, it is good. Just imagine a great movie. It’s even better then that!

What country are you posting from?

Do you believe that location has anything to do with my seeing The Matrix Reloaded before you, in this place? Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now?

France?! That’s an insult!! :wink:

@ Brutus: Guess!!

@El_Kabong: No I think Iam a Duracell and your battery’s low :wink:

I withdraw my statement about France:
Matrix has been released in France the same time as in the US!! WTF?!
And Revolutions will be released the same day => the weasels will watch 6 hours earlier than you do! :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I don’t have to wait as long as japanese fans have to: 7th of June !

Any others out here suffering with me?

Hmmm…being called ‘French’ is an insult to you, so it you are obviously from a civilized nation.

My vote is for Spain or Italy.

it’s clear that severin is posting from Uruguay.

Heh good I’ll be in France in a few weeks, maybe I should catch it over there.

Not bad! Italy, that’s where my names comes from. But unfortunately I live in Germany at the moment and it seems that I have to stay there a couple years.

hmm, yeh, being in Japan must suck atm if u want to see the matrix reloaded. Even in UK gotta wait till 23rd :confused:

(Unless I can sneak into the premiere :P)

My cousin, originally from Trieste, was ‘Severino’. That lying bastard told me the name was Spanish.

Wait until the next family gathering…

Severino sounds spanish!
Severin, Severino and Severine (french [female]) all come from the latin* word severus meaning severe. Easy isn’t it? :wink:

*Brutus you should have known that!

@ mallocks: at least Iam not the only one suffering =)
unjacking me thread: Does anybody know why they don’t release films at the same day worldwide?

I’m going to a preview screening on the 21st, it’s still too long to wait though!

I’m going to see it with my mum on the 21st and my boyfriend has already forbidden me to talk about the film until he has seen it. So I’m putting myself out to go with him too! :smiley:

One week? Muahahah. Usually, we have to wait half a year for movies to get here. Damn bastards.


Grrrrr I’m with yaseverin …one more %^% WEEK to wait :mad:

But, it IS better than waiting another 5-6 months :slight_smile: well, sorta…