Why the hell did I say that?!?!

I am pitting myself. I was in the grocery store. Mind you, I live in a very small town and the store is crowded, not like supermarkets in bigger cities, which have aisles that are actually wide enough for two or three carts at one time. Anyway, I was pushing my cart along across the back of the store (not in the aisles) when at the junction to one aisle, a cart with two watermelons in it was careening out, ready to crash into me. I said, “Excuse me, I’m sorry!” Then I looked up to see who was pushing that cart and I repeated, “I’m sorry!” The woman pushing the cart was one of the most hypocrital bitches in the county. Needless to say, I cannot stand the woman. She is one of the most gossipy women I know of, and always has this “holier-than-thou” aura surrounding her. I work with her husband, and he does not (at least most of the time) come across like that.

Gawd I wish I’d have said something different!!! Something along the lines of, “Whoops!” or “Whoa!” I wonder why I do this crap? Maybe I’m too nice?

Dont worry about it. Saying “sorry” is a good habit, even though it was not your fault. Even if the other person doesn’t say “Your’ right” or “No worries” you have fulfiled your memetic obligation to maintain the world as a nicer place.

Fortunately people like the woman to whom you refer are very uncommon.

Hey, that just means you’re a really good person and take the high road despite what else may be involved. That’s a trait to be proud of.

But just wait until you continually apologize to inanimate objects… like the wall, a chair, a sprinkler system, your car. How would I know? Hmmmmm. :stuck_out_tongue: It definitely enlivens the ensuing one-sided conversation though.

Next time, after you see who it is, yell after her “Wait, no, stop! I’m really NOT sorry!”

Glad to be able to help!

Shame she wasn’t good looking, you could have commented on her lovely pair of melons.

Oooooh, Bippy! That would have been a good one (if only I was so inclined!!!)!

I always try to be polite to people. Even people I don’t like. I think it’s because I’m grown up.

This is a very minor thing to pit yourself over. In fact, you should probably pit yourself for having started this thread.

Okay, monstro. I’m sure you’re right and I’m sorry. I do the same as you in being polite and such. Let it die…

I think it was polite of you to apologize for almost getting in a head-on collision. It’s the right thing to do, and the woman seems particularly rude for not having acknowledged your apology. The only thing I’d have done differently is that I probably wouldn’t have apologized more than once, but that’s just me. I’m rude like that. :smiley:

Good job bdandhr for being nice. Hopefully it’ll rub off on Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou. (What? Stranger things have happened.)

Ever consider being Canadian? We apologize for everything. Go ahead…punch me in the teeth. Do it. I’ll apologize for getting my face in the way of your fist.

We’re like that.

My apologies for posting to this thread. I’m sorry.

Personally, I think mostro is full of crap, and you should pit yourself a second time for not telling him/her to shove it.

I say “sorry” a lot when it’s not my fault, and for things that definitely don’t need apologies from anyone. Just today I said “sorry” when someone hit me in the head with the door of her locker, and also when someone complimented me on my bag. Probably five or ten other times, but they were either deserved or I don’t remember. I don’t know why I do it.

Personally, I don’t understand why someone would pit themselves for being NICE. When I entered the thread, I thought the OP was castigating him/herself for having said something mean. But NO. We get someone who regrets having been decent.

Saying “I’m sorry” is not tantamount to kissing someone’s ass, even if you say it–OMG!–twice.

If my disdain of the OP means I’m full of crap, then I don’t want a laxative.

(bdandhr, I do apologize for the tone of my post and saying you should pit yourself. I’m not usually bitchy, honest. It’s just that I cringe when people are intentionally rude–and it seems like you are genuinely upset that you were kind to another person. I’m sure you’re right that the woman in the OP is mean and hateful, but you being impolite to her won’t change that. In fact, it could have made things worse. So I think you did the right thing. Maybe this woman will tell the whole town how nice you are, since she’s so gossipy, and you’ll be showered with love and riches.)

I aplogized to my puppy when I accidentally stepped on her toe. DH said I don’t have to apologize to her as she’s a dog and all, but I know she appreciated it.

I agree that being polite is the way to go. Keep your own side of the street clean.

Heh, My ex-girlfriend has a way of saying “Oh, I’m sorry…” that’s so condecending it makes you just want to haul off and go postal on the woman…

She’s very good at quite frankly…